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Are men in the seminary, training to become priests, required to be celibate?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8276points) February 1st, 2009

I know priests aren’t supposed to have sex, but what about when they are still in the seminary, en route to the priesthood? I went home with a guy the other night, and when I left, I found that I was actually leaving a seminary. After consulting someone who knows him, I found that he is becoming a priest. I got very confused about what I had just done after hearing that, for sure. Does anyone know what the rules governing pre-priesthood are?

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From the church

Excerpt: “Seminarians must be capable of celibate life, Pope says (Subscribe to RSS Feed)

Vatican, Feb. 1, 2005 ( – Candidates for the priesthood must be psychologically capable of living a celibate life, Pope John Paul II (bio – news) has reminded seminary leaders.”

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@Marina: Just because they are capable doesn’t mean they are necessarily virgins, or does it?

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Sorry, I only included part of the article. You need to read the whole thing. They are required to be celibate while in seminary. I do not believe they must be virgins. This guy, though, broke a vow if you two did the deed.

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lol, and you did it IN the seminary!

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im sure this guy knows the consequences of his actions, so i wouldnt worry about it….. if he was willing to break a vow it was probably worth it. WAY TO GO TITS!!

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@TitsMcGheeWhaheyheyHEY! w00t!

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@all: This is forever going to be my go-to party story.

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Virginity is not a requirement of the priesthood. I remember a couple years back reading about a man entering the priesthood shortly after his wife had died. I believe his son may have also been a priest but I’m uncertain of that.

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I can’t believe you sullied a man of God!
Bad, Tits. Bad.

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@TitsMcGhee- Hope you weren’t planning on becoming a nun.

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@augustlan: It’s definitely a sexual conquest that not many people can say they’ve accomplished. But yeah, there was definitely a good deal of liquor on my part, and, like I said, I wasn’t aware of it until all was said and done. The large number of Bibles and crucifixes around the room should’ve tipped me off, I guess, but I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to all that at the time.

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I’m sure he enjoyed it, and is doing his pennance as we type :)

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I hope he enjoyed it… I didn’t, really… but that’s another story.

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Then you have already done your pennance!

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I knew that didn’t look right.

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“Seminary” sounds like a funny name for a place where you’re not supposed to have sex.

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Was the seminary in Manhattan or Brooklyn? If in Brooklyn, was it the one just across the bridge? I knew someone Catholic and gay who lived there for a while. I think those seminarians had a rather novel interpretation of “celebate.” I guess not all seminarians are gay, or, given your experience, perhaps they are, and are trying to see if they could be straight.

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@daloon: It was in Harlem…. he definitely wasn’t not interested in women though, haha.

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Tits did a larval priest! Oh my gosh!

funny, I never imagined you resembling an altarboy

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Have we established that he was actually a priest in training?
I just remembered that I lived with a girl in NYC who had been staying at a convent, but only because it was cheap rent. The last time I saw her, she was doing webcam porn.

So maybe if you want a good time, you have to go trolling around the nunneries and seminaries…

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@fireside: I’m pretty sure his room in the seminary wasn’t a front for a webcam porn operation (there were quite a few Bibles that I thought nothing of until I realized where I was…) Considering how attractive he was, I don’t think many people would’ve been too interested in his stuff…

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@TitsMcGhee – Yeah, she wasn’t doing webcam porn out of the nunnery. She was “trying to get her shit together”
Her stuff wasn’t all that either, so I was pretty surprised to find her on a webcam site a few years later.

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