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What type of event would be capable of shocking the entire world into a state of peace?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30938points) November 21st, 2010

A UFO landing? A new star in the sky? A cure for death?

Perhaps a good event wouldn’t be enough. Would we need a cataclysmic event like a super volcano, sea levels rising, or a pole shift?

Could there even be an event so magnificent that it could promote every human being to turn their back on all violence and live a life of peace?

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A new virus that causes a severe pain every time someone thinks a violent thought against another human being.

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The water supply poisoned in all countries at the same time.

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I think drugging the worlds water with lithium , easy enough to implement and it would have a rapid effect.

Everyone would be happy and peaceful. lol

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Jesus showing up at the UN:

“You guys are pissing me off – make love not war, k?”

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Invasion by giant orange caterpillars from the Colgate Nebula.

Green caterpillars are not a problem, but orange? A big problem.

But that’s not why the earth would unify. The orange caterpillars emit a pheromone that causes humans to make peace. This is important, because when the humans are at peace, the caterpillars can invade and win with no opposition, except sit down strikes.

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I don’t know if anything would, but I frequently wish for a simultaneous global elevation of consciousness.

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Yes, that would be something, in the meanwhile we might have to settle for lithium. lol

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Hippy invasion. Peace off!

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The cessation of all life on earth—conflict is inherent in life, while corpses seldom bicker.

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“seldom”, haha.

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It would have to be an event that wipes out the human race, since the human race can’t agree on what peace is. For me, peace is you leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone. But to many people peace is only possible when I live by their rules and morality; my having to do what ever they tell me to do.

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George Bush revealing that he’s Albert Einstein reincarnated, that he has been faking his stupidity and he’s actually a certifiable genius.

Richard Simmons proving he is a man.

Or Al Sharpton finally shutting the hell up.

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I don’t think anything would.

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Beating the aliens on Independence Day.

Or the Vulcans making first contact with us.

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A Covid-19 pandemic type event that kills 100% of those who get it.

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