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Can we have peace thru disarmament?

Asked by Tomfafa (2308points) December 31st, 2009

What if the USA decided to disarm our nuclear stockpile as a first step to total disarmament… would other countries realize that we really wanted peace and disarm themselves… or take advantage of our weakness?

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Disarmament is one arrow in the diplomatic quiver, and it usually has to do with realignment, not peace. We no longer confront the USSR in a stance of threat of a conventional war, instead we are fighting asymmetrical wars with insurgents and terrorists in different parts of the world. Changing the nuclear stockpiles will not result in peace.

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It’s bizarre how people think that “willingly scaling back our ability to instantly kill every single living thing on earth” as “weakness.”

Such a bizarre mythology where the only thing holding our “enemies” at bay is their fear of our military prowess.

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It would be a big step. One that would make a broad impact on the world. Whether it would result in other nations disarming is unclear.

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When it comes to nuclear weapons, it needs to be a mutual disarmament. We might get there, but probably not. In such a world we need full commitment to and faith in a neutral IAEA-like organisation, controlling all countries. I don’t see that happening in a long time.

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hey, a piece…excuse me, meant to say, peace always comes with disarmament!

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@pdworkin “one arrow in the diplomatic quiver”

Well played.

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I see no evidence that the USA values peace enough to “beat their swords into plowshares.”
I’d like to see it happen.

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IAdmittedly, with no arms, we’d not get much done, but would we have peace?

Only if everyone’s mouths were taped shut.

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Not likely, but we COULD have peace through superior firepower! : D

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No, that was known as unilateral disarmament in the 1960s, and it was studied as an option. Basically it’s a good quick way to die.

Countries (and international relations) act like predatory insects. Compare them to fire ants with a killer instinct. They do not understand “good will”. They understand deterrence and force.

Unilateral disarmament = suicide.

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