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Where can I find any information on guaranteed retirement account proposals and claims of confiscation of 401k funds?

Asked by SROD (4points) November 23rd, 2010

Have there been any statements by any elected officials proposing the government taking current or future 401k accounts and converting to GRAs

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I hadn’t even heard the term until you mentioned it. It’s all news to me. I did a google search for “Guaranteed Retirement Account” and found… the same links you can find doing that search. So I have some reading to do.

Predictably, the anti-Obama / anti-Democrat sites that have anything on it are opposed to the plan and full of dire warnings, including words such as “confiscate” and “seize”, as your Q alludes to. But I wouldn’t think that a site called Accounting Today would be so politically charged… and they didn’t seem in any way complimentary. And even ABC News’ website had a headline about “scrapping” 401k plans.

Maybe they’re all right-wingnuts. I don’t know yet, but it’s something else to know ‘about’. Thanks for the Q.

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