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Do i need to refrigerate pecan or sweet potato pie?

Asked by theresa0304 (2points) November 23rd, 2010

I’m cooking pecan and sweet potato pies the day before Thanksgiving. Do I need to refrigerate them if I’m planning on serving in 36 hours?

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Yes, if you want them warm you can heat them before you serve.

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You defently need to refridgerate them or they will go all yucky and the sweet potatoe on the inside will make the pastry on the outside go all soggy.

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A little late but….... my mom never put her sweet potato pies in the fridge. After cooling we’d wrap in waxed paper. I’ve made a few pecan pies, but so long ago, but I don’t think i put those in fridge either. My sister got a pecan pie from Costco. It was so gooooooy, I put in the ridge to make it cuttable. It just stayed a gooey mess. I think they are too big. The regular size one I made, was a good consistency.

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