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Are air purifiers/filters actually effective for their given purpose?

Asked by NoCatharsis (207points) November 24th, 2010

I have asthma and allergies, so have been considering buying an Air Purifier to keep dust and pollen to a minimum, if that’s what these things really do.

I’m very skeptical about gimmicky marketing, so before I spend $100—$200 on one of these, please share your experiences on whether they create a noticeable difference on removing dust from the air.

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I don’t know about purifiers, but ionizers are a total scam.

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I wasted 300.00 on the Ionic Breeze by Sharper Image. It was a total scam.

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“Rating air purifiers is simple: the higher the CADR rating, the less time the unit needs to remove a given quantity of certain particles from the specified size room. The room size is indicated on the packaging of the air purifier and all AHAM-certified models are marked with CADR data, as this information acts to distinguish each air purifier from its competitor. You can use the CADR ratings to determine which air purifier works best in your home.”

There is a lot of good data here.

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HEPA filters work, they remove the smallest particles. Ionic filters sometimes just make the dust and stuff “Stick to other objects” like walls, desks, furniture…..

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Don’t spend your money on room filters, instead get rid of all of your carpets and dust often and wear dust masks when you do. Get the best filter possible for your furnace if you have one.

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I would love to get feedback from asthmatics on this subject.

I did find this, seems a decent starting point for info.

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@marinelife Your answer seems to cover everything I was looking for, however I followed the link and realized the data comes from an air purifier supplier, leading me to believe the information may be pretty biased.

Can anyone else confirm that the information in this article is accurate?

EDIT: I spoke too soon. It seems this article referenced by @marinelife does confirm a lot of the same statements if they can be accepted as accurate.

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