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Today is the PlayStation 2's 10 year anniversary, what has been your experience with this gaming console?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) March 4th, 2010

Did you or do you still own one? For how long? Is it one of the best consoles ever? What made it so great that it still makes money to this day? How much longer do you think it will continue to make money? What are your fondest memories of the PS2? Favorite games? How do you think it affected the gaming world since its launch? If you do not currently own the system, would you ever consider buying one?

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2nd edit:and factually incorrect.

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I don’t even know how long I’ve had mine.. but it’s been quite a few years.

It’s still my DVD player. It looks like it went through a wood chipper.. It’s been dropped and cracked, it rarely gets turned off and it’s survived being dropped in a hot tub, but it’s still working.
It’s such a trooper.

Favorite games?
Jak 3, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War 2, Silent Hill 2, Final Fantasy XII and X, GT 4, RE 4, DMC 3, Kingdom Hearts.

Fondest memories?
Playing with my cousins for hours straight.
And because it’s my DVD player, that’s a ton of memories involving movie marathons with loved ones.

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Never owned one, but it had some pretty awesome games.
I remember playing GTA 3 on it at my cousin’s house when I was 9 or 10.
Good times, man

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The good old days. But now it takes up a lot of time that could be more productive

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@HTDC No, PS3 was released in 2006. Why would you think there were 10 years between 2 and 3?

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@erichw1504 Yeah that’s why I edited it. You see, sometimes I have this problem where I forget to think before I write.

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We were just talking about the PS2 at work today!
Main topics of conversation were reliability, Red Dead Revolver, Timesplitters and Vice City!

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Final Fantasy X and GTA:SA killed my ps2 and my free time and it was awesome.

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PS2 was an awesome syetem. I have a PS3 now and I love it.

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The laser lenses are crap and had to replace it twice so far.

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Wow….I’ve had mine for 9 years. Had to tune up the laser pot resistor to continue playing games but its still running well.

My favorite game on it was Shadow of the Colossus. My fondest memory of it was Christmas day in 2001 when I received it as a present along with Ace Combat 4. I put in the game and was completely awed by everything about the console and game.

That very same PS2 is in the living room of my dorm right now…..I might just have to go play a few games to honor the 10th anniversary.

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I’ve my PS2 forever. It’s one of the old, huge, clunky ones. I had the internet capable part added on when I got FF9 (which I never played).

I use it to play my PS1 games as well, and I foolishly sold my old, clunky Playstation years ago.

I think it brough console gaming to a wider audience since there were just sooo many different games released on it. It also sucked away years of peoples lives.

My fonded memories are probably getting Kingdom Hearts the day it was released and playing it for hours with my friend. Beating bosses for my friends in Prince of Persia 2. Staying up for hours trying to beat a boss in FF9 and becoming angry and delirious cussing at the TV. Playing Jak 3 with my friends in our apartment (the racing was the best). Getting stoned and playing Harry Potter Quidditch. Driving around in GTA: Vice City and causing as much destruction as possible. Obsessively playing FF8 when I was 16 and disregarding my homework. Beating the boys in Tekken.

My favorite games, hmm.. Jak ⅔, Kingdom Hearts, Dark Cloud, GTA: Vice City, FFX/X-2 (BUT I FUCKING HATE BLITZ BALL), Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II, Shadow of the Colossus (my friend actually made me go over her house and kill things on this game for her because she was completely inept) and of course, Soul Calibur II.

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I have recently been getting into the Ratchet & Clank series. Those games are so much fun.

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I first started out with the fat PS2, then I got a slim black one, and now I have a slim silver one…been playing it since at least seven years. Was playing the first PS before that…

Anyways I still play it today, I don’t have any next gen stuff, but I’m happy with this. Mostly I play RPG’s, Shadow Hearts being one of my faves. And survival horror, which includes Silent Hill 2 as my fave.

I think it’s a great console because it’s the one with the most variety on it, so there’s something for everyone.

But yeah, happy anniversary, PS2.

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@tragiclikebowie OH GOD. I FORGOT SOUL CAL. shame on me. and FUCK Blitz Ball. That was horrible.

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Because of this thread, I think I’m going to buy one and hook it up to my PC monitor

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@erichw1504 I FORGOT ABOUT RATCHET AND CLANK. Oh man, I liked those too.

@rangerr Yeah no shit you forgot it!! And yes, Blitz Ball can go die. I hate it so much. So so sososososos much.

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Soul Calibur fans-anyone ever pass mission 20 on Chronicles of the Sword for SC3? I can’t do it.

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Yeah have had several of sony’s finest.Fave games include, Grand Turismo 4, Jak & Daxter, all of them,GTA vice city,Ratchet & Clank, yay I love that little guy.My kids still play from time to time,that is when they can be dragged away from Xbox live.

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I personally liked the ps2 for many years but now that the Ps3 and Xbox 360 came out, they put the Ps2 to shame.

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I just found a place in town that still sells the consoles. @erichw1504, you may very well have just cost me $99 (totally worth it).

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I believe GameStop usually has used ones for $99 last time I checked. Is that the store you found? There’s also some for less than $99 on Amazon.

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Grand Turismo changed my life.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities @erichw1504 They are new for $99, I recently found a nice slim on Craigslist with a game for $35. My older big unit’s laser bit the dust, I tried adjusting the pot to no avail.

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we have an 8-year old PS2 . . .. still entertains the heck out of nieces and nephews when they come over…. Kingdom Hearts, SSX, World Series of Poker, and of course, a series of Dance Dance Revolution. we’ve must have gone through a dozen controllers over the years.

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Oh I forgot so many games you’re all bringing the memories back!
Battlefield Modern Combat my first online addiction! Russian Border, The Nest, Deadly Pass and all that lot! Capture the Flag! mmmmm I’m off on COD see you all later!

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Did you or do you still own one? I still have one
For how long? More than 5 years
Is it one of the best consoles ever? Absolutely
What made it so great that it still makes money to this day? Excellent games
How much longer do you think it will continue to make money? Several more years
What are your fondest memories of the PS2? The entire gaming experience
Favorite games? Most of the role playing variety – especially the Final Fantasy ones
How do you think it affected the gaming world since its launch? It increased the popularity of video games exponentially

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I still had my own PS2 and it has been for 9 years. I won’t say it’s the best console,but I will say one of the best since new version of PS or other new console keep growing from time to time. I think it still retains its economic value today because of its low price compare to other consoles and since I live in third grade country this particular console is adored for its price and technology. I personally think it will be still productive as long as people with low economic status exist and probably will join other old console like Dreamcast,Gamecube,PS1,etc. Although there’s no gaming industry will produce new game and CD for this less popular console now. My best memory is when I was playing ‘Monster Rancher 3,and 4’. I like to pet different monster,train them,discover new monster from numerous disks. And I also love Final FantasyV and La Pucelle. I love RPG,Tactic,and Stimulation kind of game. It started to affect gaming world ever since its first launch,since that people all around the world abandon PS1 and looking to purchase this extraordinary console. It’s even the best console and can even beat other new console that rise at that same time(Dreamcast,Gamecube,or even Xbox). Honestly,I don’t play PS2 anymore now. I spend most of my gaming time playing PC game and Nintendo DS. I’m looking to buy PS3 when I have enough money,but I still respect and remember my unforgetable and incredible experience with my lovely PS2.

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I still have and play mine. Timesplitters 2 and Timesplitters: Future Perfect are still my all time favorite games. Oh, and my PS2 is my only console that hasn’t ever crapped out on me, aside from my SNES, which I still play too.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I still have my SNES too! I just need a new cable for it.

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@tragiclikebowie, SNES rocks. They are fetching premium prices on ebay too, but I could never sell mine. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island FTW!!!

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@Snes Snes rules. I still have mine too, plus most of my games, which are pretty much all RPG’s. FF II, III, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire II, Lufia, Earthbound-could never get rid of any of these.
Also one nearly 15 year old snes lasted longer than two PS2’s haha.

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I’ve never owned a game system but I do remember playing on friends PS2’s, probably one of the best gaming systems I have used.

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I still have one of the big ones. Its my dvd player now, because I sold all of my games to get out of a small debt to my former roommate. It’s in great shape. Runs well, has barely a mark on it.

I remember playing SSX Tricky for hours straight while listening to The Edge (a now defunct radio station). Good times, good times.

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Part of me would like to tally up all the hours I’ve spent playing mine; it probably amounts to a significant portion of my life. It’s a system that was blessed with the best controller ever designed, ridiculous reliability, and the most extensive game catalog of any console ever. Gran Turismo 4, Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, the Ratchet and Clank series, Frequency, Beyond Good and Evil; all fond memories.

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Had mine a long, long time. I have had many adventures, shared many sad moments, and witnessed even greater victories with my little black companion.

“Little black companion” is my PS3 of by the way, not an African American.

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I had one big fat PS2 and three slim PS2. All four of my PS2 sold and currently I own the XBOX 360.

Playstation 2 are AWESOME and BIG seller in past; played GTA all the way!

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