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Do the wheels on your skateboard have to do with how fast the skateboard goes?

Asked by loraina4lyf (52points) April 5th, 2008
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I’m guessing that thinner wheels means faster board, just like thinner tires on a bike are better for speed than fat tires.

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Yeah, but is definitely not the only factor. How well the wheels glide is important.

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yes the thiner the whells are the faster you go

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The bigger the wheels the slower you go

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The type of bearings also greatly effect your speed.

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yes those little plastic wheels spin relley fast but you don’t have much control and vice versa for the other types

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They’re all made out of the same polyeurethane (sp?) material. The standard size is around 50mm. The biggest effect on speed will be quality bearings.

Other than that the only other factors that will affect your speed is the rider’s weight, slope, and surface. Think big guy on a smooth hill.

Don’t worry about the wheel size. You wouldn’t even notice a difference.

What’s with all the concern about speed?

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bigger wheels are faster. the guys that go fast and skate bowls and big transition, vert ramps concrete parks etc airs have big wheels often on wheels 64 mm or more or bigger. guys that skate street do lots of technical flip tricks manual tricks usually skate smaller wheels probably in the 48–55 mm range. it makes the setup lighter so its easier to pop tricks. the smaller your wheels the more you have to push. you can run over rocks and cracks a lot easier without consequence with big wheels. also always use bones swiss bearing. bones bearings makes any wheel fast.

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Wheels for skateboards come in all different sizes, thicknesses, and hardnesses. Another major factor (most important) are the bearings. I only ride Swiss bearings, cause the swiss know how to make em. Make sure your bearings are plenty lubricated as well! For a faster ride I recommend thinner wheels with super fast bearings and a somewhat harder wheel. The soft wheels tend to stick more to the ground and roll smoother but are horrible if you wanna learn power slides or any tricks. On the other hand, I have buddies that love their soft wheels and will ride then over anything. Its really up to you. You gotta try out all the different kinds of wheels to pick a size you feel most comfortable with. But If youre looking for speed I recommend a nice medium hardness wheel with some killer fast bearings. Spend your money on the bearings and not the wheels. Most wheels are wheels. I ride Spitfire. you can ride whatever suits you best.

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