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Have you ever worked as a street musician?

Asked by submariner (4160points) November 26th, 2010

If so, how was it? Did you make enough to pay the rent? Was it fun? Was it dangerous? Did it improve your musicianship? Please share your tales of busking.

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I had a family member that worked as a street musician. No, it didn’t pay the rent. It was fun in the sense that he was doing what he liked to do and people liked his music. It had its dangers. I remember one time he was mugged and his money taken but not his guitar. IMO his music was as good while playing in his band as it was while playing on the streets. Sadly, he’s gone now.

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I did. When I was 20. It was in Frieburg, Germany. I was just playing for a few pennies to use to buy something in the local cafes. It was mostly just for fun. If I would have had to make a living at it, I’m not sure I could have. Really, not even close.

Of course the practice improved my musicianship. It was fun to hang out with other musicians and make friends and whatnot. It was a lot more interesting then the rest of my life there, which consisted of nothing.

It wasn’t dangerous, as far as I could tell. It was fun. I don’t know what it would be like today, though.

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No, but if i did i would of thought it was great fun! Looking at the stars on a late night, probally earning 10$ or so,listening to your own jazz music and feeling calm and proud of yourself,eating a sandwich watching for people and cars to drop a quarter or two,feeling warm when the sun is on your arms and legs so you know i think it is great jpb for people who love to play music ( especially for people who dont) sooo…....... ya enoy the rest of the ideas these brilliant people give to you toodles!

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I played on the streets of New Orleans for a couple of years. Between New Year’s and Mardi Gras, it was good, I made enough to pay several months rent in advance. But after Mardi Gras, I had to take a day job. I did a lot of temp work, but I really was able to develop a style.and musicianship. It also developed my self-confidence. With street playing, like busking of any kind, the artist must first find a suitable spot for a stage. Then one must attract and sustain the interest of an audience. I have done both solo and ensemble work on the streets, not only of New Orleans, but Austin, San Francisco and Denver, and find that with a good duo or trio, people are more likely to stop and listen, and drop more into the case, than jujst a solo player.

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The only time I’ve busked it was for charity – I made over £300 in about 6 hours (roughly $450+) which was blooming marvellous! Only worked that way because it was for charity though! (It was also on a Saturday coming up to Christmas, and about 4 years ago…)

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August 2001…. Iwas starving and did not want to beg. So I pulled out a few golf balls and started juggling. I got a job offer, 15 dollars, Half a loaf of seven grain bread and a jar of peanut butter in 30 minutes. I know, not music but entertainment. (I did sing for someone).

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