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Is Pandora the best website for creating a Christmas music playlist?

Asked by mathwhiz1 (264points) November 26th, 2010

I’m getting burned out on the Christmas music that plays on the radio, since it is the same year after year. I thought it would be nice for a change this year.

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No, I wouldn’t think so. Pandora will give you a random selection based on your preference. You can build the list you want with and, to name a couple of alternatives.

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They have two Christmas stations (one traditional, one eclectic/irreverent).
Plus they also have about a dozen more good stations.

Or, you could build a Christmas playlist using Myspace Music Playlists.
MySpace Music is one of the best sites out there for music.

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Pandora works very well for this. Just press “Create a new station”; type in “Christmas”, and choose “Christmas [genre]” from the drop down. Good to go!

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Personally I use the stations on Lastfm. Here’s the page for the “christmas” tag. Click on the black button to listen to the station generated by the tag.

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Another vote for here!

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I like both and grooveshark leaps and bounds more than pandora

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