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What's the point of this customer coming back if she hate's our policy?

Asked by chelle21689 (7139points) November 26th, 2010

This is more of a psychology question, haha! I work at a grocery store and we cash checks. We have a policy of taking 1% plus the change.

This lady comes in every week and gives me her check and asks, “How much do you take?”, I’ll tell her, and then she’ll argue and yell at me and leave.

Maybe in another couple of weeks she comes back, asks the same question and yells at me and leaves again!

She does this all the time! She keeps coming back even though SHE KNOWS our policy. I really have no clue why….I mean, if she hates our policy, why come back? I’m really curious…what’s the point? Anyone have any clue what could be the reason?

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By the way, she’s never cashed her check…ever. Just ask the questions and yell. I’m so confused.

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Einstein would assume, given nothing more than this data, that she is mentally ill.
I’m inclined to agree with him.

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Short term memory loss for starters? Just be glad you don’t live with her.

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She sounds like a dumbass.

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Some people are, in medical terms, slap-ass crazy.

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It’s legal to refuse the right to service her right? lol

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Doodly-doodly-dooooo! XD

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Maybe she’s forgotten. Maybe she hopes you’ll change the policy. Maybe she liked having the opportunity to yell at someone.

Do you know her name? If not, ask her. In any case, next she comes in, try welcoming her in the warmest way you can, as if you haven’t seen her in forever and are so glad to see her. Just for kicks. See what happens. I trust you don’t take it personally when she yells.

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She sounds confused. You could ask her the next time she comes in. When she asks the policy, you could say “It is unchanged from that last time that you asked me. By the way, why do you come in and ask, and then leave without cashing your check?”

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Insanity is often defined as doing hte same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

It is also possible that she thinks that if she yells enough, the policy will change. Unfortunately, I’ve lived in America too long to honestly believe that the will of the people has any effect on policy :P

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I used to work in the next cubicle to a woman who loved nothing better than to find an excuse for losing her temper. She went out of her way to find opportunities and then threw rages that ought to have qualified for Olympic medals. I learned some interesting things about psychology from listening to her for five years.

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Mentally ill people often can be seen at grocery stores. Last week I saw a man standing, staring intently at seemingly nothing for a lengthy amount of time right near the store entrance.

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@hug_of_war, my husband did that two days ago in front of the refrigerator. It doesn’t mean he’s mentally ill. It just means he forgot what the hell he came in for.

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@Jeruba I usually only let that go on for a few seconds before either leaving or doing something random. And sometimes the thing I grab out of the fridge is actually what I went into the other room for in the first place!

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She really could have Alzheimers or some other dementia. People come into where I work, month after month and can’t remember from the beginning of their sentence to their last yet they get in their cars and drive away. I suspect most of these kinds of people slip past being noticed by their families until something bad happens like they wreck, get lost going home or can’t remember their names. Do you know if your customer has family?

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She forgets.
She hopes you’ve changed your policy.
She needs the exercise.

Maybe she just doesn’t understand the policy: “1% plus the change”? You take 1% of the face amount of the check plus “the change”? Sounds odd to me.

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It sounds odd to you, but it’s pretty clear. If it’s like $100.50..I just say we take the change (the 50 cents) and 1% of the dollar amount…just because if I just say 1% a lot of the times people ask “What about the change?” lol

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She’s got some type of memory loss. Could be from a traumatic brain injury, early onset dementia or alzeihmers..maybe even Huntingdon’s. It’s possible that another store existed before yours with the policy your’s has OR it could be that she is confusing memories of another store with yours. Maybe you can ask your store manager to do a little research on her and consider waving their fee for her in order to make her a patron without complaint if some kind of brain anomaly is at play.

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I’m guessing that she’s elderly or maybe mentally confused. There’s not much you can do to avoid her if she has memory problems or is mentally challenged. Just for the sake of the policy, itself, you could have xerox copies of the policy available and just hand one to her each time, or have a sign at the customer service desk in lettering large enough for an elderly person to see it easily explaining the policy. Then just keep smiling and explaining. I used to work at a grocery store and they would always send me to help the slightly confused elderly folks because I was one of the few people who didn’t get angry and always tried to help them. You just have to learn to make your mind go into happy/helpful mode, knowing full well that this situation will keep happening, but don’t let it get to you even if you have to keep repeating things over and over and over.

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She looks like late 30’s early 40’s. Definitely not elderly lol.

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If we correctly answered the question, nothing would change anyway. Sufficient to say she is an unpleasant human being.

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Next time I see her, I’m going try to contain my anger and tell her as nicely as possible that she can’t come in to cash checks anymore and explain why. Also got video of her always yelling at us. :P

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@chelle You can’t see brain anomaly. You can’t tell if she has suffered some trauma that has altered her functioning and personality. Just because she isn’t old doesn’t change this. Come to think of it she could be very low intellectual functioning and look normal too. Sometimes in society we need to embrace what we recognize as a functioning problem and make allowances instead of alienating and excluding people. Policy is not law. It’s merely a guide and guides can be set aside in certain circumstances. I would try to find out more before merely turning her away. But of course you can do as you wish…it won’t stop her from coming back again and again still without memory or normal functioning. And then what will you do…probably call police which will either result in an arrest…probably mental health arrest because the police are going to hear that a brain anomaly may be at play here.
Just a note…people with personality disorders such as Borderline personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder don’t exhibit memory loss such as this woman even though they might make a scene about what they consider an unfair policy. So this pattern of behavior the women in engaging in is about something else.

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