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Is my crush going to end up liking my friend?

Asked by busta21 (102points) November 26th, 2010

My friend has been trying to hook me up with this guy that likes me for a week, now. I was just wondering if he would end up having feelings for her and if she would also have feelings for him.
From what she has told me this is how there conversation goes (c would be for my crush and f would be for my friend)
(Please read the whole thing):

c)So are we going to go out? (referring to me)
f) i don’t know, ask her.
c)well, does she have a cell phone?
f)her phones turned off, but she has a house phone.
c)well, can I get her number?
f)I can’t give it to you
(there conversation was interrupted by his cousin because she was using his cousin’s phone to call him. He was telling him to hurry up with his phone and my friend said, “Don’t rush me, talk to the lil hand”)
c)don’t be talking to my cousin like that, I’ll cut that little hand off
f)no, you won’t. You won’t I’m to fast for you
(they argued over that for a while, I take it as they were flirting though)
c)but anyways, what was her number?
f)i can’t give it to you
c)nah, serious talk. what’s her number?
f)seriously, I can’t give it to you
c)and why is that?
f)i don’t know if she wants me to give it to you
c)give me hints?
f)okay. it’s a 707 number
c)no duh. anything else?
f)it’s a 1–707 number
c)nah, seriously
f)okay okay. there’s a 3 in it
c)begining or end
f)i can’t tell you that
c)mann… just give me the number.
f)i can’t
c)does she even like me?
f)ummmm….. ya she does
c)i think you lying to me because the way you said it
f)nah, she like you
c)but i really like her
f)You really want her number, huh?
f)would you beg for her number?
f)would you do anything for her number?
f)would you go down on your knees and beg for it?
c)F*** YA
(that’s the end)
I know it sounds dumb for me to ask if this guy wants to get at my friend from this conversation because it mostly consisted of him asking for my number but I want to know if you think they will start ending up liking each other? Was some parts of there conversation considered flirting? Will he end up loosing the feelings for me and will it be replaced with feelings for her? I know that you might think that I should just ask him if he likes her, but yet I can’t because he hasn’t gone to school in a while and he also might lie to me because he might think that’s his only chance to get at me and even if me and him date, I want to know if he likes other girls also.

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Count on it.

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oh to be young again.

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If you want to go out with the guy, give him your phone number. If you don’t, don’t worry about it. Cut out the middleman; it only creates drama.

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I do want to go out with the guy it’s just that I don’t have a cell and I don’t want him to have my house phone number because my mom is very strict and she doesn’t like me talking to guys.

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i don’t think so… she was just being cheeky i suppose. but i have to know: how do you know what was said in this conversation?

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There is really no way for us to answer this question. Anything could happen. I strongly suggest you talk to him yourself. That said, if your parents don’t even want you talking to a boy, what makes you think they’ll allow you to date one?

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If your mom doesn’t like you talking to boys, then dating is not in your immediate future, and this question is moot.

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She (my friend) told me.

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What do you mean, your mother doesn’t like you “talking to boys”?

Is she a fundamentalist lesbian or something!?

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They allow me to date it’s just they have to meet the guy first but when it comes to talking on the phone she don’t like me being a chatter box with guys.(It’s just the way she is)

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Oh I see, take him round yours then! For tea!

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Then you give the boy your phone number, explain your mother, and let him decide if he wants to do what needs to be done in order to date you. The more you can do to eliminate drama, the better your life is. A relationship should be between 2 people, not 2. Your friend’s in this for the drama.

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Wow, reading that, your friend isn’t being much of a friend. She’s more of an impediment to you and your crush than anything… and then she’s flirting on top of that?

Dump the friend and talk to the boy directly.

Jeeesh. Glad that phase of my life is over!

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@squirbel Jeeesh. Glad that phase of my life is over! I reckon!

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The way young women’s minds work kind of baffles me. I mean, I thought I had a good imagination, but this is like reading tea leaves. Tea leaves covered in coffee grounds. The omens are portentous. Heavy meaning flies everywhere. But no one has a clue as to what it is.

You know, if your friend wants to date him and you want to date him, what’s the big deal? Unless dating means having sex with, these days. Is that what it means?

Aside from that, there is no big deal if your crush dates your friend, too, unless you think your friend is going to do something mean. He’s just a boy, for God’s sake. None of this matters. Just play it and have fun. The future will get here all too soon. I doubt if you believe me, but check back in ten years and let me know what you think then.

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@wundayatta What kind of flies?~

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I probably would laugh this all out… Like I just really like this person at the moment, that’s it. I just want to know if he seems to be developing feelings for her as the times passes by. If he does I wouldn’t want her to date him but I wouldn’t stop her nor acknowledge her to date him.It’s just basically me wondering. I really want to be with this person at the moment though. Like I don’t mean to sound disrespectful in any way and I hope I’m not but don’t you remember those times wear you really like this one person, want to be with this one person, and no one else? That he is the only thing on your mind. The only guy (or girl) that seemed to have made (left) a big impact on your life? It could happen more then once. It could’ve not happened yet, but to those who did have this feeling before don’t you remember the feeling of jealousy, anxiety, hate, love, happiness… All the emotions going from your head to your heart and from your heart to your head in a heart beat. All the memories (good or bad) just making a quick flash back every time you blink.Don’t you remember that? Didn’t all those emotions have a big impact on your life and made you who you are now? Don’t you remember how good those feeling were? Didn’t all the negative emotions get replaced with good ones every time you hear your crushes name? Well, if you do know what I mean, then you know how I feel.

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He will develop feelings for her if she’s the one he’s talking to, and not you. She will become the one he has the relationship with.

If you really are interested in this guy, then you need to be the one having the relationship with him, and not your friend. If in order to have a relationship with you, he has to come meet your parents, and pass the test.

How old are you exactly?

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How old do you think??? l.0.l. (My emotions change fast still… That should give you a hint on my age)

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Hmmmm, I’m going for 13. Let’s play higher or lower! Winner drinks.

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@The_Idler I was thinking 14—maybe as high as 16.

OP, I know those feelings. The happen throughout life, and it is never any less intense. What is different is understanding what they are and the role they play in life. They can make your life heaven and they can make your life hell. I’ve been in both.

If you experience it very strongly, and it makes you do a lot of shit you wish you hadn’t done later, then it’s a problem. That’s where perspective is so important. You can have your feelings and take them seriously, but also know they are fragile and can break easily, and that you want to survive that shattering, and that you will survive it.

Then you go for what you want and you ignore this stuff where you mess with your own head about your friend. Friends share. It doesn’t mean he isn’t still your crush.

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You shouldn’t be thinking about negative things. You shouldn’t stress over this (if you are). You would be calmer and happier if you don’t think about things this much. Your crush seems to really like you. Don’t stress over getting him because if you try and chase after him he will get the sense that you are easy. He wouldn’t be as interested as he is now. In my opinion guys want what they can’t get.

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It does sound like they were flirting (though whether it’s just friendly banter or she had romantic intentions, I can’t guess). I would wonder why your friend felt the need to be coy about phone numbers and didn’t try to suggest an alternate way to get in touch with you. I agree with the others who say that you need to cut out the middle man. If you really like him, you need to act fast. It’s a psychologically proven fact that the more a person is exposed to someone, the more s/he will probably like him/her. He needs to spend more time getting to know and like you, and less time talking to her.

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