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One meal in New York - what do you recommend?

Asked by xxii (3321points) November 27th, 2010

I have one dinner in New York on my way back to NC tomorrow, and I’m looking for suggestions.

I don’t need or want anything fancy, but it must:
– be delicious!
– have meals for below $20 (inclusive of tax and tip)
– have good pescatarian options
– be around the Upper West Side

Bonus points for healthy options.

Any ideas?

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a decent meal that cheap is pretty hard to find. I know a place but it’s not on the Upper West Side, its down by Union Square, at 519 6th Ave (Ave. of The Americas) at 14th, called GustOrganics. good varied menu, organic food.

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@JonnyCeltics, your link loops to this page.

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Meson Sevilla 344 W 46th St
Recently had the Paella – YUM YUM.

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Good luck on the $20 dinner, if you want to sit down anywhere inside.

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under $20 means probably a cafe, or a light dinner, unless you just get an entree, and maybe a soda or drink tap water. i would say just walk around, see what suits your fancy, check out the menu before going in, and take it from there. NYC has so many choices, and restaurants open and close all the time due to the high rents and other influences, so i would just see what you find, that’s convenient and meets your criteria. if you want to travel a bit, go down to Chinatown, Little Italy or Soho for more choices. These places are all accessible by a short subway ride. Subways are everywhere, stops about every 8 blocks.

if you meant the entree has to be under $20, you have more choices.

if you’re into ethnic food, you can always pick up a falafel or something like that off a stand.

during the holiday season, you are going to enjoy just window shopping and taking in the festivities and decorations. you are going to come away feeling like you were in a holiday wonderland.

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Just the entree has to be below $20. I typically don’t order appetizers or dessert.

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that opens up way more possibilities. if you ask for water, request tap, not bottled, which is about $2 right there. so you should have no problem with choices if the entree has to be under $20. If i were you I would just take a walk and see what suits you, what has a good menu with options that you like, and what kind of place has the atmosphere you want. there are so so many choices, changing all the time.

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Enoteca Otto Pizzaria link

The Peacefood Cafe link

Cafe Blossom link

Ozu (Japanese, vegetarian, Kosher) link

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This is not a neighborhood I frequent, so I’m of no help.
But If I had to recommend just one meal in NYC for a twenty, I’d suggest a pastrami sandwich from Katz’s down on Houston. (actually for $20 you could have the sandwich and take the train down from the UWS. Zip for your fish-only friends, though)

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If you want quite a burger, head out to Jackson Hole in Bayside, Queens. I guarantee that you will probably not finish the whole meal. I mean, their burgers can’t even be grasped with one hand!

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Virgil’s or Katz Delicatessen in Manhattan, PIZZA for sure, almost anywhere in one of the five boroughs or even Jersey. I’m a Native New Yorker and besides the Ocean, I so miss the food!

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