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2 Parts: Best clam chowder in SF? Best Irish pub in SF?

Asked by zina (1661points) November 28th, 2010

I’m planning a birthday evening, and birthday boy requested clam chowder (the creamy, New England type) and also an Irish pub, with a 5–8 person group of friends. So I’m looking for recommendations for both, which could be totally separate, nearby each other, or who knows, maybe even the same place!

High points: inexpensive but decent food/beer, good atmosphere and comfy for talking and hanging out a while. The more Irish flair and personality the better.

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I’m going to have to do a little more research but there’s a restaurant up at the Warf that supposedly has the best chowder, it’s called Scoma’s but I don’t eat clam so I don’t know from experience. I do know that everyone I’ve been with likes Boudin’s too.
As for an Irish pub… there’s a place in North Beach that I’ve passed by a few times, don’t know the name… try googling Iirish pub in North Beach”. There’s also Lefty O’Douls in Union Square.

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Kennedy’s in North Beach is fantastic—also serves Indian food, which is also fantastic.

Also the Irish Bank in the Financial district is bang on.

The Irish Bank:

Haven’t a clue where to find clam chowdah in SF… =)

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Downtown, I second the Irish Bank. In North Beach. O’Reilly’s on Green Street. Lefty o’Douls is a baseball bar, not Irish.

In the Marina, try Delaney’s on Chestnut Street. And if you’re out in the avenues, there’s the Starry Plough and the Abbey Tavern.

San Francisco isn’t a chowder town but there is good chowder at Tadich Grill on California.

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I don’t know about Irish pubs, but the best clam chowder is at Swan’s Oyster Bar on Post between California and Sacramento.

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@hawaii_jake: I think you mean Polk not Post :)

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@Samantha_Rae : Thank you. You’re right. It’s only been 20 years since I was there, so my memory may have slipped a bit.

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Thanks everyone for your ideas.

These are the Irish pubs I found online that sounded tempting (with notes based mostly on this article:

Irish Bank (union square / financial district) – antiques, patio in the alley
O’Reilly (north beach) – also has food
Durty Nelly’s (irving/24th) – irish expats, food, fireplace, live music, crowds
Little Shamrock (lincoln/9th) – cozy with couches
Blarney Stone (geary/20th) – irish bartenders, crowded, irish bakery
Phoenix (valencia/19th) – mission ambiance, good food not fully irish menu but some

…any comments?

Less sure on the clam chowder part of the plan – maybe bar food and a single location will win over finding that this time around…

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Lefty O’Douls is the place.
Keep in mind SF is not really a clam town, so you probably won’t find anything that didn’t come out of a can.

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There are some small places in the Fisherman’s Wharf area that have good clam chowder. There’s an Irish pub on Taraval and one on Irving.

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Christmas Eve Eve I had dinner at the Pacific Cafe, on Geary, around 32nd Ave. Best seafood in the City!

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