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What is a great date restaurant in San Francisco?

Asked by sfgal (283points) July 26th, 2007

Someplace not too expensive ($25 or less per person), good vegetarian food (okay if they also serve meat--one of us is a carnivore, the other a veggie).And must be able to get a reservation with only a few days notice, so The Slanted Door is out (why do they fill up so far in advance??!). Would like to find somewhere where you can make a reservation so we don't have to wait in line for an hour or longer.

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The Waterfront is really nice -- up the Embarcadero from the Ferry Building, and you can generally get same-day reservations

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Look for an Asian restaurant that serves hotpot, also called fire pot, hougou, shabu-shabu, etc. Fun, inexpensive, you can each order your own ingredients.

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Globe is a great place. It's downtown, right south of North beach, immediately north of the financial district. Great, unique, ecclectic menu (many dishes are made to be shared), very intimate, quiet and good for conversation.

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Chow - Church and Market, solid modern-American food (not cheap, not fancy), nice patio, on the noisy/busy side
Millenium - probably hard to stay under $25, but amazing romantic atmosphere and super gourmet veggie food - maybe for a future date =)
Ti Couz - 16th and Valencia, mouthwatering delicious crepes, pricey but probably under $25, a little noisy/busy depending on time of day, and I think no reservations unfortunately
Nirvana - on Castro by 18th, heated patio, modern Asian/American foods, pricey but good sized portions and probably under $25
Bissap Baobab - yummy Senegalese food in the Mission (near 19th), some dishes can be veggie, in your price range, good music, and has a rockin dance spot around the corner if you stay around late enough
Golden Era - great completely vegetarian Vietnamese/Asian food, near Union Square, not sure about atmosphere (I think I've always gotten take-out), reasonable prices
Benihana?? I haven't been there in years - maybe it's tacky, but they chop/cook food in front of you, and one out of SF i went to recently was delicious and really reasonably priced

I would also look for Indian restaurants, buffets, as they're often good for veggie

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Theres a great restaurant on Pier 39 with great views. I can't believe I forgot the name. I think it is either seafood or italian. Very romantic at nighttime. After dinner, you can see the seals.

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Luica's on Union St. Great Italian, very, very atmospheric. Very small and dark, something out of a postcard.

Took my girlfriend there the day after valentines day and she thought it was a magical place.

Prices are completely in your price range.

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Slanted Door in the Ferry Building. Expensive. Very nice.

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Maybe think about trying some thing in downtown Sausalito. There are a couple really nice inexpensive resturants along the water.

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Villa Romano in the sunset district on Irving Street. I also like The Gold Mirror on Taravel.

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Eishi on 16th and Sanchez. It is a sweet little sushi and tofu restaurant. We gorged 4 people for around $80, including saki and mochi ice cream. The place has no sign, but an 8 foot flag that says “Tofu” on one side and “Sushi” on the other. Best sushi I have had in some time, if ever. They also have fresh made tofu which makes the tummy happy.

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Sociale ( and get a table in the patio (it is heated) and it is quiet so you can actually have a conversation, plus it is super romantic! Trust me!

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Firefly in Noe Valley
It’s an amazing restaurant, cozy and romantic without being cheesy. The food is amazing and well worth the moderate price.

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Nopa on Divisadero rocks! Won’t stay under $25, but it you don’t get cocktails (which are great incidentally) or a bottle of vino, you should be fine

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I like Harris’ Steak House on Van Ness, but it’s costly and I doubt that it has vegetarian food.

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