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Has anyone heard of natural cures for anxiety?

Asked by Zypher77 (17points) November 29th, 2010

I’m in my first year of college and have been experiencing a great deal of anxiety. I moved from California to Boston for school and don’t doubt that the change in weather has affected me. The only thing I can attribute the anxiety to is thoughts I’ve been having about wanting to take a year off (after my freshmen year) because I can’t decide if I should transfer out of the East Coast to a school in California for the remainder of my undergraduate education. All this being said, the anxiety is making it hard for me to study for finals—any short-term cures?

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I really have had good luck with Calms Forte. Ignore the sleep aid thing. It is excellent for anxiety.

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There’s a few herbal ones, like chamomile and ginger. I’m can’t comment on how well, or even if they work, though.

Here’s a list of medicinal herbs and what they do. Quite a few deal with anxiety.

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Try a yoga class, or practice meditation on your own time.
Warm milk.
Deep, slow breaths.
Calming music.
If talking helps, talk out what’s bothering you. (A friend? Fluther?)
Go for a walk/run.
Try to pinpoint if specific places/occurences are causing you more stress and anxiety than others. See if you can avoid the anxiety-inducing situations.

I can get pretty anxious too. Excercise of any kind helps me more than anything. But everything else has a place, too.
Sometimes, when I’m alone, I’ll just let myself feel all the anxiety, let it build up in my body, and then shake it or exhale it all out. And the physical release helps the mental.

… Hope some of these ideas help!

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Lavander oil on your temples and chamomile tea. Both calming for the nerves.

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Meditation, yoga specifically pranyama or belly breathing techniques.

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I avoid caffeine. I don’t take HFCS. I take food based multi vitamins, and extra B and C of those. Exercise. Stay away from most saturated fats. Drink a minimum of 1L of water/day.

Realizing that it will pass, and inviting it with that in mind.

Of course a doctor should check your vitals.

I like a beer every now and again. A glass of wine. If you are old enough.

Just be healthy and I bet it clears up.

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I’m not into experimenting with herbs and sorting out the temporary placebo from real psychoactive effects.

But I can guarantee that 30 minutes of running or biking hard makes me feel better for the rest of the day.

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@DancingMind, and everyone else:

I enjoy a good tea so I’ll look into getting some chamomile. Also: one of the only things that helps me is hiking/being in nature. I’m home for the holidays in California right now so today I went on a hike and took a nap on this large rock. After about 40 minutes I felt 100% better—until I returned to my car and felt most of the anxiety come back. Thoughts? The best way I can describe the anxiety is feeling like I’m trying to process so many thoughts that my mind gets the ‘beachball’ like a Mac and freezes up. Perhaps I should also look into meditation to calm my mind?

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If it’s that your mind is getting overwhelmed with ideas, maybe writing a few of them out would help? Lessen the thought-load? Get a special little notebook, maybe, and start writing them down to either let go of or address in a managable way? I do that, too

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First, being physically uncomortable can make things much worse. If you are cold, make sure you have proper clothing to keep yourself warm like long johns, and a space heater if your room is too cold to sleep well. Also, try to cut down a little on caffeine, you might get a headache for a day or two, so don’t cut back on a big exam night. Also, think about talking to a counselor or psychologist at the university, so you an organize your thoughts.

Know that what you are going through is very common, don’t be hard on yourself.

Lastly, the grey overcast weather sucks! You could have a touch of SAD. Will you be going home for winter break? Or, maybe go to FL for a week where you can really warm up and feel the warm sun on your skin. There should be many reasonably priced flights from Boston.

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Just keep telling yourself it’ll be over soon. I’m from CA and I go to a school in the COLD midwest. But now im home for a while.

I got through finals by keeping warm as much as possible and thinking about all the things I love about home.

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Smoke a little pot on Friday before a particularily stressful week (assuming exam weeks are stressful weeks). Don’t however smoke during the week, my experience is that that will not only reduce your stress but will also affect your concentration a bit for about three days after you smoke. This varies with individual.

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Make a list of all of the thoughts that are swirling around in your mind. Single them out. Name them.

I am not the list maker type, but this helps me. I can easily identify what and how many things are bothering me, which helps me break down which ones I need to focus on now and which ones can wait. Plus, it helps me feel better when I can knock one of them off the list as “solved.”

Lavender oil, as @Judi mentioned, also helps soothe my mind. It can be very strong, so start with just a little or it can be overwhelming.

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Go kick the shit out of punching bag and follow it up with a few rounds from the auto mod mac 10.

Anxiety gone.

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Talking about it can help. You need to know people you can trust.

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Peppermint tea always calms me down.

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