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Do you enjoy The Simpsons? I want to know what character from the show you think you're most like.

Asked by Berserker (33543points) November 29th, 2010

I bloody hate cable TV, but I’ve enjoyed The Simpsons long before I even learned how to speak English, haha.
What I wanna know is pretty simple, what character from the show do you associate yourself with the most, and why?
Fans and haters all welcome. :)

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I really wish Fox would cancel The Simpsons. It’s turning into a Terri Schiavo case.

I don’t know what character I think I’m most like. Probably a mix of Milhouse and Barney.

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We’re gonna be in a piiiiiiie!

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@kenmc Yeah the show has recently…gotten really odd. I hate how they establish certain things without really saying it, such as Carl and Lenny being gay, or Homer and Marge being teens in the nineties. The hell?

But no, I’ll not stand for cancellation lol. XD

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Oh yes, I enjoy The Simpsons. But like @kenmc, I’m not too fond of the newer seasons. Actually, I consider them to be quite crapulent and an insult to the show’s former glory. I’ve seen every episode of seasons 1–13 multiple times, though. :D

As for a character, I’d probably pick Lisa, maybe Martin. Also I’m definitely part Smithers and Bart. lol

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Marge the enabler~

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A modified version of Lisa. Because she portrays an intellectual battle between idealism and realism.

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@jonsblond I can so see you as Marge!

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I love the older seasons
Definitely Otto

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Combo of Moe and James Wood.

can I mix two shows?

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I have a fondness for Ralph too.
Sticks ice cream cone to forehead

“I’m a unitard!”

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The old shows aren’t bad, but all of the new ones I’ve seen, I haven’t liked at all.

That said, I think I’m a combination of Marge and Lisa.

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Milhouse & Lisa (& that special quality in Smithers.)

About this, ‘Simpsons isn’t like it used to be’ argument. I agree they hit rough patches, like every great show does. But to think this rough patch has lasted 9 years is nonsense. They may not have fully redeemed themselves, but they have gotten a whole lot better. Not every episode can be a crowning jewel Season 2 Episode 19 ‘Lisa’s Substitute’

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Marge, with a bit of Millhouse.

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I like Family Guy better with Herbert the Pervert and Consuela.

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Comic book guy, (but not the body habitus)

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Lisa Simpson. I like the older version.

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I’m a Family Guy man :¬) That’s not to say i’m one of those loser type fanboys who by default hate The Simpsons with a passion! No, I have room for both families in my viewing box. It’s just i’ve never gotten into ”the yellow folk” as much as some. I mean, it’s an okay show but that’s about it. Stewie & to a lesser extent Brian however, now ya talkin! :¬)

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Dammit @ucme took my answer! Get outta my head!

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@AmWiser La la la….la la la la la….la la la!

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@ucme oh yeah! I forgot that part! XD

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Hissssssssssssss….no Family Guy on this thread!!!!

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Daffy Duck

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I didn’t realize this was an old question, I thought @jonsblond was back!!! (it’s quite early here)

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