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What gift are you excited about giving this year?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (35753points) November 29th, 2010

We give and receive gifts for many different events, and the holidays seem to be the time to go overboard for many people.

We enjoy receiving gifts naturally. Who doesn’t? But what I want to know is what gift will you be giving someone else that has got you tingling with excitement?

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This is gonna sound weird, but I’m getting my dad a pipe cutter.

In the past, I’ve always gotten him things I thought he wanted and even though he said thank you, I could tell that he didn’t know what to do with it. :/

I hope he likes this, he mentioned that he needed one.

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A friend of mine badly wants a copy of Megaman X Collection for Playstation 2. She’s searched for ages, and never found one. Well, it so happens I found a copy just last weekend out of nowhere, and I got it to give her on Xmas. I just hope she doesn’t find one by then. She’s completely obsessed haha.

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@Carly : That doesn’t sound weird at all. Just beware giving your mother a gift of something similar.

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@hawaii_jake True. Tools for my dad, flowers, chocolate and a sweater for my mom! :D

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I’m giving my daughter a computer and my son a camera, but I’m not all that excited because last year I gave my daughter a netbook that she has already outgrown, and my son know what he’s getting, so it won’t be a surprise. Maybe surprises are overrated.

I don’t know what to get for my wife. This is a woman who wanted a toilet for her birthday. Maybe an energy audit? I bet that would be a surprise. She might even be thrilled. I kid you not.

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We are giving our son a Xbox 360. I’m mostly excited to see his expression when he opens it. He’s been asking for one for over a year now, so I know he’ll be excited when he sees it.

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I’m giving my youngest daughter an ipod touch. She keeps telling me different apps ta she wants. I’m way more excited than she is.

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My youngest grandson likes pretending to listen to the telephone. He doesn’t talk yet, but I’ve gotten him a telephone from leapfrog that receives fake text messages, which it then reads out loud, and it speaks and displays words based on the keypad letter you press.

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My older brother passionately hates the comic strip series Family Circus. I bought him one of the treasuries and I am going to mark it up with colour pencils to provide commentary à la The Comics Curmudgeon. He’s going to be pissed when he first opens the package :)

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@wundayatta Your wife might like this Kenmore vacuum cleaner. My mom is the one who has the toilet still in the box. Last year she got a new vaccum like this one and it’s really great. Not too loud, easy to move around and it works very nicely like an upright, but has all of the convenience and versatility of a cannister. I actually enjoy using this vaccum. Plus it has a Hepa filter and the bags are easy to change. We got ours at Sears.

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@Kardamom Too late. We just got a new vacuum. Very quiet.

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My SO and I are discussing a trip to Morocco right after New Year, so I’m attempting to come up with an ideal gift to give him that would tie into the trip. The right item will come to light…any suggestions are appreciated.

@wundayatta There is nothing that would please me more than an energy audit. I want to know how to make the house in England more energy-efficient so that I don’t have to wash my hands in ice-cold water in the middle of the night.

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I am spine tingling excited waiting for my gift to myself to arrive this week! lol

I went nuts on Amazon on last Fri. and ordered a seven foot long, 4 &½ feet wide and 3 ft. high foam/beanbag love seat for my movie room. I am a bit concerned it might expand beyond the space I am wanting to put it. haha

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@Pied_Pfeffer Here’s a handmade Morrocan tagine cooker that might be of interest here

Or a gift certificate to a Moroccan restaurant would be nice too.

Or a CD of Moroccan music. Here’s a site that describes the types of music and gives examples to listen to.

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I cannot think of something to get my husband…I already got his birthday gifts (it’s December 15th), and now I have to come up with Xmas gifts!! Crap.
Right now he’s putting together this giant Sonic Wing Mode Transformer for our son. He is flipping out over how excited our son will be over it. It’s so cute.

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My niece is getting a puppy! So puppy stuff (dog bed, toys, and a puppy sweater because it’s cold up here in the land of beer and beavers).

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I’m getting my sister a ball whisk. Every time we get together, she mentions how much she wants one, but they cost $25 at the cooking store, and that’s way too steep for one whisk.

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“We are giving our son a Xbox 360.”

Will he be expected to share that with his parents? ;-)

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@Brian1946 Of course. ;-) Well, mostly with mom, but it will be his and if it’s still around when he’s ready to move out, he’ll be able to take it with him. Dad is more of a PC gamer. But, I haven’t bought any games for myself yet, just him at this point. I only like very few Xbox games, I’m more of a PS3 fan (the PS3 (if still around when he moves out) will stay with me).

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Getting my mom a new laptop, because her old one has a damaged screen. And I just can’t bear the thought of her carrying that around…
I’m happy she’s back to using computers and writing after such a long break. I’m not telling her about it, it’ll be a sweet surprise.

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My mother is turning 70 on the 13th of December. I’m taking her whale watching on a catamaran. She doesn’t know yet. It’s going to be a surprise.

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All of them for the kids, as always. I don’t know who loves crimbo more, me or them. It’s a close run thing that’s for sure :¬)

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I’m hoping to be able to take my SO to a Maze and Frankie Beverly concert for his birthday in January. He’s been talking about going to one for a year.

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I made this necklace for my sister yesterday. I’m quite happy with how it turned out and I’m really hoping she’ll like it!

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@Mariah : That necklace is faaabulous!

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@Mariah she surely will, it’s beautiful

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