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Does this happen to you, when you go #2?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) November 30th, 2010

So, every time I go #2, my nose always gets runny. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, or whether or not I have a cold. It literally won’t stop running. I have to wipe and blow my nose sometimes twice while going #2.

While going #2, I lean over, at approximately a 45 degree angle, with my elbows on my knees. Sometimes, I browse on my phone, or play scrabble, but I’m usually always at the same angle.

I’ve asked a couple people before if it happens to them as well. And so far, I haven’t met anyone who had the same thing happen to them. What causes this?

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Allergic to the poo smell?

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LOL! Well, it has happened sometimes, but not to the extent I have to blow it or wipe it.

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Does the need to blow your nose last after you’ve finished? Maybe ten minutes to half an hour? Does it start before, like when you wake up in the morning? Assuming you do it in the morning. If so, it might be more a morning thing than a poo thing.

I can’t believe I answered this question.

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Maybe, everything finally relaxes in your body and it all flows out – I’m thinking this is actually great because I blow my nose on purpose sometimes so that I get the poop out and you already have a built in mechanism.

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Maybe you strain more with your upper body than your lower body? Assuming you strain at all. Depends on how much fiber you get.

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I’ll answer a strange question with an equally strange response. My nose doesn’t run, but my blood pressure does a nose dive and my face turns green, then white. It’s really odd.

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Try sitting up straight with your head elevated and nose up while pooping and note if your nose runs or not. Then sit in a chair sometime when you are NOT pooping with your head down between your knees and note your nose response. It could be that when your head is lowered, your sinuses tend to drain out your nose (instead of down the back of your throat as it does when your head is upright).

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I have noticed that as people get older, and for folks with chronic illnesses, or weak bodies or immune systems, their noses sometimes run, and sometimes their eyes too. For me, it started a few years ago. it’s not constant, but it will start and stop with no warning. I remember my father’s nose ran almost non-stop for years before he died.

In alternative medicine, it’s a sign that the body is not fully healthy, and needs support. If you go to a regular doc, you might get an asnwer, maybe not. If you go to an alternative medical doctor, you would have a different approach, and perhaps a more definite answer as to why.

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My nose runs when I poop. My eyes also water sometimes. This is not a bad thing. Dr. Oz actually addressed this when asked if this is normal. He described it as a parasympathetic release and said not only is it normal, it’s one of the necessary functions for cleansing out junk. There are only so many ways the body can eliminate toxins. You either poop, pee, cough or sweat it out. One action commonly triggers another, and we should all be grateful for this. When you sleep, the body detoxes. When you wake, the body is ready to eliminate these toxins. We jumpstart this by drinking a glass of water, a cup of coffee, stretching, taking a few deep breaths, having a cigarette, etc. The idea is that we’re getting the body moving internally. If you’ve ever dieted, detoxed or started an exercise regimen, you may have noticed a substantial uptick in bowel movements, urination, lymphatic cleansing or sweating. Your body is thanking you for finally stimulating the cleansing process via diet and exercise. I’m happy when a good poop makes my nose run. It makes me feel better and cleans me out. Mucus is eliminated rectally and lymphatically. The two go hand in hand. If you’ve noticed only a recent uptick in nose runs while pooping, you may be able to attribute this, at least in part, to eating an unhealthy diet and not exercising enough. If you’ve recently started taking better care of yourself, your body is pushing out the old stuff. This is all good news. The typical American diet is loaded with excess sugars, hormones, preservatives, etc. This builds up toxins, candida and mucus. If you don’t excrete small amounts consistently via healthy diet and exercise, the body waits for a good chance to excrete what it can. Nothing stimulates the cleansing process better than a good bowel movement. My girlfriend makes muesli and we eat out of the same batch throughout the week. I have a few bowls per day, and it keeps my system clean…so clean, in fact, that sometimes I have to slow down because I can feel the after-effects and tummy tenderness from the soluble and insoluble fibers cleansing and scrubbing my system. The muesli helps me poop 2–3 times per day, so I always feel light. I usually go an hour after a meal. When I first began the regimen, my nose would always run when I pooped, because I was eliminating a lot of old buildup. Now my nose runs less, because my system is generally cleaner. I still get a runny nose in the morning with my first bowel movement though. But then again, if I have anything to cough up, it’s early in the morning. Also, our bodies have been sweating out toxins all night…they’re just sitting on the surface waiting to be washed off. Same with morning breath…toxins in the system pushed up and waiting on the tongue to be washed away. If I go on, I’ll become less and less scientific and lose credibility; I’m not a doctor or nutritionist. The point is, we should all be so lucky to have such an efficient cleansing system. The alternative would be to become impacted, dehydrated, lethargic, irritable, toxic and eventually die. If you want to feel better and make it easier on the system, drink more water, eat lighter foods more often in smaller servings, and get a little aerobic and anaerobic exercise in on a regular basis. Then, think yourself healthier and visualize your new and improved self. And when your nose runs, be grateful!
(I’ve seen this question asked in several places; will repost on a few different sites.)

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I have been having a runny nose while pooping and sometimes abdominal cramps since 2009 had colonoscopy and endoscope done found nothing!! Food Allergy test Allergic to tomatoes.

A tomato allergy is a type 1 hypersensitivity to tomatoes. Type 1 allergies are commonly known as contact allergies. When a person with this type of allergy comes into contact with an allergen such as a tomato, histamines are released into exposed areas such as the skin, nose, and respiratory and digestive tracts. In turn, this causes an allergic reaction.

A tomato allergy can be confirmed with either a skin prick test or a bloodtest that detects the IgE immunoglobulin.  Avoidance is the best option, but tomato allergies can usually be treated successfully with antihistamines and topical steroidal ointment can be useful when treating an allergic rash.

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