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How do you feel about a good old snowball fight?

Asked by ucme (50031points) November 30th, 2010

Yeah, it’s being lashing down with snow where I am for this past week now. Absolutely covered in the stuff. A true winter wonderland it is & a great excuse for outdoor frolics. Sledging with the younglings, building snowmen…corn cob pipe & a button nose :¬) Best of all though is a right royal snowball battle. The more combatants the better. We practically got the entire street roped in, whoo hoo! So, when was your last epic snowball fight & how enjoyable do you find them?

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I love them and have one every year!
I annihilate those 5 year olds! XD

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@lucillelucillelucille Sure you do. You probably throw like a girl.

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We had a snowball fight last winter before my husband deployed. It was fun even though it was just the three of us (me, my husband, and our son). Looking forward to having some this winter as well once the snow comes and stays!!

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@lucillelucillelucille XD…..oh absolutely, no holding back. A particular favourite of mine is seeing the look on their tiny faces right after a snowball explodes on their soft heads XD

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It’s been a while since I’ve had a good snowball fight. Problem is around here in Southwestern Illinois, we don’t get much of the stuff. Probably about 10 inches at most each Winter season. So, maybe when I move back out to the east coast I’ll get to see more snow and plan a day of snowbound adventures!

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@Adirondackwannabe -I do! That’s why I am so good!
@ucme-Yes! XD

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I miss those so badly. Where we currently live, the most we get is five inches, and within a matter of hours it melts. It really sucks. I don’t even bother going outside.
I love snowball fights though. We took it seriously…. we would build forts when it snowed 2 ft in Pa, and then we would make gigantic snowballs and throw them across the street at our cousins and brother and hide behind our forts. It was kind of like a mini war.

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Although I haven’t had one in years, I love a good ol’ fashion snowball fight. I use to like lying in wait for my intended victim, then let ‘em have it. Of course my brother had to do me one better, he saved some snowballs in the frizzer freezer one year and bombarded me with them in July. The bastard. We still get a good laugh out of that.XD

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We like to build snow forts and then have snowball fights. There’s only room in our yard for forts maybe ten feet from each other. Maybe fifteen. So we can have wild sorties and overwhelm the opposition (me) with little impunity. My children, of course, are merciless, and often I must beat a strategic retreat (run, ignominiously), to the kitchen, where snowball fights are not allowed.

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That depends; are you playing with a point system, or… to the death?

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Love it. We got 2 inches of snow today and yesterday.

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@Foolaholic Well, “to the death” may be a little extreme…only just though :¬)

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@Cruiser -You can start with this
I will continue to throw like a girl and still KYA.

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@lucillelucillelucille That thing is nothing more than a blow-hard powder puffer…, let me return the favor

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@Cruiser-I am not helping you anymore when you do this

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Snow is far too cold for my taste. I hate being out in it.

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We rarely get snow here… very rarely… but last year we got so much that we actually got to go sledding and snow tubing and have snowball fights. It was an absolute BLAST!!! My hubby built a snow igloo in the front yard as a kind of “fort” and his best friend came over with his kids and the three of us adults proceeded to nail the kids with snowballs. There was much shrieking and squealing and the kids eventually got us back by stuffing snow down our pants. BBRRRRRR!

It was so much fun that I’m hoping we get snow again this winter!

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Fine! Be that way @lucillelucillelucille!! Next time we are at the mall, I will just let you wander around shopping like this XP

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Sadly my last real snowball fight was years ago. I loved them, but I absolutely hate the cold. The best part of the snowball fight was winning. Then going inside for hot chocolate :)

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I hate snow and I hate being hit in the face with it. I hate being cold and wet.

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I like it best when it’s several people lobbing them all around. Last New Year’s then the snowball fight was a little skewed. ahem.

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My last snow-ball fight was on my visit to Japan – funny how you sometimes need tog et away from home to remember how much fun good old traditions are! I just started throwing snowballs at the nice Japanese students I was hanging out with and then it became a whole campus fight. A whole lot of fun!

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Can’t wait till it snows here so I can have a fight.

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I live in SoCal. In Southern Cali… it’s all sun all the time. It burns through me down to my very soul. (Though as I have red hair many people tell me I don’t have one.) But I always knew I loved the snow somehow. A distant memory from my toddler days, perhaps?

I took a vaca up to idyllwild (spelling?) in Jan last year. It was great, there was a thin layer of snowy mush when we got there. But overnight… IT SNOWED. I felt like I was on drugs I was so happy. Hahahah, me, and my 2 siblings ran into it and only came in for a change of snowgloves and ironically hostess’s snowballs.

Hahaha it was the best vacation in my life, and nothing beats snow, or my 3 foot tall fort! hahahha!

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