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When you're stuck in traffic and someone does something nice for you, do you put your hand up as a sign of thanks?

Asked by jcs007 (1770points) April 6th, 2008

For example, take an expressway where you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. You need to change lanes. So, someone does the nice thing and lets you go in front of them. Do you say thanks in any way? Also, do they say thanks when you do the same for others?

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I always do something, because I get pissed when people don’t say thanks to me. I usually either wave or give them the peace sign. [me in my car giving a peace sign is kinda redundant]

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I wave or blow a kiss.

I also have a led variable sign that I can light up in my rear view window that can smile (or frown, or tell them to back the fuck up, etc.)

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HAHAHAHA @Del I love you. I’ve always wanted to build a variable LED sign for that purpose. I’m sure you could buy one. That’s amazingly awesome!

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Im not clever enough to make one, sadly. I got mine at thinkgeek and edited it a tad. :D

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Yes, I always wave.

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well it will show dat u dont cut people off!!!!

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it is coustomary for the recipient of the good deed to raise their hand as a polite gesture of thanks in turn the other drive then raises their hand as a your welcome if you dont the good deeder might get mad at you and hit your car:D

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I always do a thank you wave. I hadn’t thought of blowing kisses, though! Thanks for the idea delirium!!!

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I always thank you wave, or let the other person go first. I was driving around the other day and started thinking about something though. You know these little acts of kindness. Have you ever considered how much they could change that other persons life? Like say you come up to the stop sign the same time as them and you wave them on. Down the road they get in an accident because they were there a couple seconds faster then they would have been if you weren’t kind. There is also the inverse of this were something amazing happens to them because of your act of kindness.

Its strange how much power these little events can hold.

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Yup – I wave thank you & mouth it, too. I’m always worried, though, that my “thank you” lip sync looks too much like “f*** you”. Sometimes I do the ASL for thank you, which looks a little like you’re blowing a kiss.

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I always give a wave and a nod and mouth ”( )aaa( ) ( )oooo( )” which I sure hope
they do understand, given the context. When people acknowledge my own superb
road manners, it makes me feel very good and calm.
I love the kiss-blowing option. Do you think they would be disappointed/freaked/confusd if a blown kiss came from a granny? I don’t have white hair yet; maybe they’d think I was a babe if I drove away immediately.

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I usually hit my hazard lights as a sign.
press quickly a few times

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@ninja, That’s a bad idea. Hazard lights should only be used in emergencies..

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Well, I have a babe car, so I can get away with it usually. It also sends the creationists for a loop, because I have a very…. controversial and cute bumper sticker collection. (But they don’t normally let me in anyways.)

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@ perchik
just twice as a signal I usually get a wave back. Plus people use hazards when double parking it ain’t an emergency.

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I give a tall wave, where my rear view mirror is.


Yes, I always do. For example, this evening when I was coming home from work on the icy freeway. The cars were all lined up bumper to bumper, and I had to merge into traffic, so I signalled to get let in. Every 3rd or 4th car didn’t let me in, but after a few minutes some gentleman was nice enough to let me enter. I raised my hand and waved, and I could see in my rear-view mirror he was appreciative of the fact I acknowledged his kindly gesture. My belief is that, if someone does something nice for you in traffic, you ought to show your thankfulness, for most will not do nice things in this day and age. If you want civility, you got to give it yourself. That’s how it spreads.

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