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What is your road rage?

Asked by earthduzt (3226points) April 23rd, 2010

So I’ve been out running errands all day and just got home, and I did encounter my pet peeve on several occasions while driving. I’m sure we all have several pet peeves while on the road but I’m looking for your biggest one. Mine is when people do not yield when you are exiting the highway. I’m a very calm driver and can put up with alot but when someone doesnt yield to me exiting I will actually get loud haha, I know they cannot hear me but it makes me feel better. So what is your biggest irritation when driving?

talking on the cell phone while driving is close to being my big one also nowadays

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People who come to a dead stop. For no apparent reason. In the travel lane.
This may be to let someone go who doesn’t have the right of way…
or because they’re too lazy to pull over and park properly and want to let a passenger out
or they need to check their phone/map/makeup
They just missed their turn and need a moment to process how bad this moment sucks
They see a red traffic signal way up ahead and overreact
Ya da ya da ya da…

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I’ve driven in Pakistan and Philippines. US drivers can’t even come close to making me angry.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I know how that goes, I used to live in Panama and would drive there and really it doesn’t compare to the US…its outright scary driving there, it is natural for you to have your hand on the horn at all times haha

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People that drive slow in the passing lane, and the tailgaters in the right hand lane.

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Drivers who don’t use turn signals. When following it’s annoying because you never know when they’ll hit the brakes but the worst is when you want to make a left turn and are waiting for oncoming traffic to open a spot, some oncoming yahoo always slows and turns with no singal when you thought they were coming through the intersection, wait for them and then miss your chance.

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PA and NY drivers. Stay out of Jersey, please.
People who cut you off and proceed to slow down.
People who tailgate. I always have a strange urge to break-check them.
People who sit at a green light and are too busy doing whatever. It’s a green light. Green means go.
People who slow down when they see a cop. They refuse to even do the speed limit, it’s always 10mph less. Seriously. He’s not going to pull you over for doing 60 in a 60!
Oh. And truckers who run you off the road :\

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I have many, but the worst tend to be completely unexpected. I once saw someone reversing on a motorway, in a 90 zone, because they had overshot their exit. I have also seen someone try to turn right from the left lane, across two lanes of traffic going straight. The worst common one is when people cut you off, or pull out from a side street in front of you when there is a huge gap behind you, and then drive slower than you would like to.

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When you’re on the highway, and there’s a slow driver in the right lane, so there is a long line of cars in the left lane passing him, but not everybody is going 40 km/h over the speed limit, some of us are only going 10 km/h, so that just gets the idiot in the sports car or huge pickup truck angry, so he revs his engine and passes as many people as he can, either in the right lane and then cutting back in, or on the shoulder.

If anybody has ever driven Highway 2 between Edmonton and Calgary, they have seen this on multiple occasions.

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People who slow down to a stop on the on-ramp to a highway. They should be arrested and taken to a driver’s ed course immediately!

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Since I don’t drive. My road rage would be based on my experience as a pedestrian. Whenever people don’t stop for you at a pedestrian crossing. I actually had a guy stop the car get out and give out to me once for walking out infront of his car at such a crossing. I decided to yell very loudly at him and point at the ground where the zebra markings where oh so clear. And the flashing orange lights were another hint. He took off angrily when he realised he had nothing to back up his argument.

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When I saw someone plow through a crosswalk inhabited by a bunch of children, just missing them.

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i hate when drivers…

1. tailgate (hey dude, i’m doing 80 already as it is)
2. lane jump. (hey idiot, can you not see that all the lanes are not speeding up for you?)
3. do not pull far enough into the intersection to make a left turn. (dude, can i turn too?)
4. keep braking. if you were not following driver ahead so close, you wouldnt have to.
5. slow down to talk on cell phone
6. do not know 2-lane highway etiquette. please get over to the right once you pass.
7. brake suddenly when trooper is sighted. just take your foot off the pedal and coast.
8. turn into your lane like they are in a hurry, but don’t speed up
9. turn into oncoming traffic instead of just waiting for traffic to clear
10. they are the only driver on the road.

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Ya know… @charliecompany34 really hits a lot of my pet peeves… but I would have to say my biggest one is bringing everyone else in your lane to a crawl by doing 5–10 under the speed limit especially during high volume times of the day. It is absolutely infuriating when I to pass people up just to go the speed limit.

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People who roll-stop through corners on right turns, cut you off to go 10 miles below the speed limit, will not let you merge into traffic during rush hour, and those who cannot read a yield sign.

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I don’t have any real “consistent” triggers. For many years when I was at Uni, I worked bar or drove cabs. After a year or two of driving cabs you just turn up the music and let it all roll by you. No point in getting mad.

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The two worst types of drivers on the road cause 90% of the accidents.
And that is slow people in the front of the left lane. And tailgaters in the rear of the lane.

Both types of drivers outta be ashamed of themselves. They are opposite of each other, and yet, they both suck due to their stupidity and selfishness.

The key to good driving is to speed, but to always maintain a 3-second distance between yourself and the car ahead of you. And if that means slowing down despite wanting to speed, then slow the f down.

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