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How do you say "I love you" in Dari (Afghan Farsi)?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) November 30th, 2010

I keep looking online but I’m not sure if it’s Iran Farsi or what. Also, there’s so many different spellings like dostet daram, dooset daram, doset daram, I don’t know which is the correct one!

Also, anyone know of any good CD’s and books to learn this language? :) My bf is learning and I think it’d be cool to know how to speak a different language together.

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You could contact your local community colleges and ask them about classes, or buy a language disc. Read this excellent “wikipedia article“

As far as writing it, any written farsi word in English is just an approximation of the sounds, and you will find different versions. Farsi is actually written in Cyrillic.

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@YARNLADY Farsi is written in the Perso-Arabic script. There are some Persian languages like Tajik that are written in Cyrillic.

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@morphail Sorry, I stopped thinking too soon.

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