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Is it possible to adjust my own headlight position on my Honda Accord?

Asked by shammie (64points) December 1st, 2010

I have noticed that my driver side headlight is obviously facing a bit lower that the passenger side. It is not that much lower, and the adjustment would be minute, maybe less than a milimeter. I have gotten used to it, and sometimes I even resort to my brights(when there are no other cars around, obviously). I just feel like it has been too long and it is unsafe. I do not have the money to go get them re-adjusted at a dealer(someone told me it can be like $100). Do I have any other options?

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You should be able to adjust it with a torx screwdriver. Are you aware the drivers side light is usually a little lower than the other side? Easier on oncoming traffic.

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@shammie If you have twenty dollars buy a repair manual for your car. If money is tight go to the library. Take notes——fix anything you can get tools for.

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When you fix it yourself, park your car up against a wall or some other flat surface, preferably in the evening, and turn the lights on. As you adjust them you’ll be able to see them move on the wall so you can make sure they’re lined up and pointed sufficiently downward. Do not make the mistake many amateurs do and have them pointing up, this will blind oncoming drivers.

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