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What are some ways to "entertain" my leopard gecko?

Asked by vade66 (68points) December 2nd, 2010

My leopard gecko is always bored in his cage. I feed him plenty and he has a lot of water. Is there a way I could keep him “entertained”? Like with a maze or something kind of challenging, besides letting him crawl in and out of my fingers. What do you do to keep you leo. “entertained”?

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Hire a small band (the key word is “small”) or a flea circus. Set up a snail race course or frog jumping event.

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@gailcalled LMAO! I love a good laugh before I go to bed. I’m getting visuals. hahahaaha!

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Do you know any good card tricks?

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release him

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I suspect that what you think of as “entertainment” would qualify as “stressful” for a gecko.

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Are they sociable? Would two geckos entertain each other?

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Release 100 crickets in his tank and let him knock himself out.

Buy an opposite sex Gecko.

Buy an owl mask and stare into his tank.

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Lizard gekkos love tap. Get you a top hat and some tap shoes.

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Just wanted to say I think it’s nice you care enough to want to entertain your gecko. Anyway, I found a WikiHow guide on having fun with leopard geckos. It includes some silly stuff like watching movies with the gecko and training it how to kiss/ lick you. Maybe it will be helpful.

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@syz is right. They don’t need “entertainment”, and you’ll most likely end up stressing him out.
They do, however, need a proper habitat..

You can add big rocks, some branches branches, upside down bowls, toilet paper tubes and logs for him to crawl around/under/in. They’ll appreciate having places to explore, while still having the comfort of being left alone.

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They love catching and eating live bugs, maybe you should catch him some live ones and let him entertain himself with them.

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Tape those Geiko commercials and let him watch that.

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The flea circus serves a double purpose. Entertainment and then dinner.

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My housemate owns a leopard gecko and tries to leave it to its own devices most of the time. The trouble with keeping geckos is that they’re more of an observation/interest animal than a cuddly sociable one. However, that’s not to say they can’t socialise. If you place your hand low down in your geckos tank and hold it still for a short period each day (about 10 minutes) it’ll gradually become accustomed to your presence and may become more playful when you’re around i.e. will climb up your arm, but this is a gradual process and you should always be wary of causing your gecko unnecessary stress.

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