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Have you ever had to say no to something you wanted more than anything?

Asked by wundayatta (58596points) December 2nd, 2010

If so, how did you manage to say no and stick to it? What was it? Why did you have to say no to it? Were you successful? Did you have remorse afterwards and try to get it back? Or did you ever just become weak and were unable to say no for real? What happened then?

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Everything I wanted, I have, and the rest, I don’t want. lol

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I had to say no to continuing as a practicing alcoholic. and I have to say no to things that I cannot afford, some of which I really wanted and was disappointed I couldn’t have.

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I first thought that I would be able to retire in June, 2003 when we had a prospective buyer for my late father’s house.
The deal fell through so I had to postpone my retirement.

Toward the end of June, work got so onerous that I applied for retirement on July 1st, even though the house was still unsold.
Luckily the house was sold in September that year.

I was able to say no, because I wanted to retire so that I’d never have to go back to work again, and I knew that I wouldn’t have the assets for that until the house was sold.

I was successful up until July and I didn’t feel any remorse, because I knew that with the way housing market was back then, that eventually we would sell the house. ;-)

Thanks to having 5 weeks of paid vacation accrued, I kept getting a pay check up until August 12th.

After that I stayed retired and I still am. :-)

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I literally just did and this question showed up in my question box. Weird timing.
I’m having to take a break from dance because I’m not mentally in a good place right now. It’s so hard and I already have remorse, and a ton of guilt… but I have a plan, and hopefully this way it’ll be back better and for longer rather than slowly going downhill. And I’m going to have to say more no’s, this time to some habits I’ve developed recently, in order to get back to dance.

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I’ve been saying no to a lot of things that I really want now that I’m pregnant. It’s all worth it though and I’d rather not risk any potential harm to my baby, so that makes it easy to stick to it.

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I said no to this guy who I liked who asked me out, only because my friend liked him first.
Now we still talk but we both know that we like each other very much but I don’t want to break my friends heart.
I just have to wait:(

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It’s been on my mind a lot lately :(

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Yes. I told myself I wouldn’t let myself marry a partner who was still in the thrall of his addictions. I wanted to amplify all our good times more than anything, as if they’d cancel out the dirty elephant in the room but I knew better. Whenever he’d ask me why I was so unhappy then I’d tell the truth, that I couldn’t see a “real” good future with him the way he was and I knew it was a matter of time before I fell out of passion enough to break with him for the best. Love is always there but not the kind to push me to delude myself.

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@Neizvestnaya I’ve done that kind of thing, too. I get into relationships I have no business getting into and then I have to try to act like an actual adult because there is no future to them.

I’m horrible at being an adult. It hurts too much.

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