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SPOILER ALERT: What if Scar Face ended differently?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11409points) December 2nd, 2010

What if Tony Montana did not die at the end of Scar Face?

What would have happened next.

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I think he would have died anyway – OD. Much less glorious than a fountain-based machine gun battle.

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He would have run for congress and been buddies with people like Charles Rangel, Barney Frank and Jim Trafficant and others too numerous to mention.

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Would have been lame, people love a trajedy and there has been to many movies lately where the story has a happy ending and its just lame, typical Disney story board is being played out and im sick of it, how about a new armegedan movie where they blow up the rock with nukes, none of them survive, the fragments release a toxic gas that kills off all humanity, and 500 million years from now the cockroaches are left baffled as to what wiped out the humans, Tony Montana had to die at the end along with his best friend and sister trajically or the movie would have been boring and pointless.

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The end of ScarFace was fitting because he no longer saw his weakness or failure potential. He felt he was indestructable, with is normal for the kind of heavy drug-use he displayed.
Had he survived the end of the movie, he would have continued putting himself in more and more dangerous situations, blind to his vulnerablity.

I am trying to imagine Barney Frank squealing “Ooh, Tony! Say hello to my little friend!”

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