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How do you feel about dating a bald man?

Asked by girlofscience (7567points) February 1st, 2009

In reality, the majority of us judge potential dating partners at least somewhat by their appearances. We like our partners to be attractive to us both inside and out. If you’re like most of us, and you care, at least to some extent, about the appearance of your partner, then I ask: How do you feel about dating a bald man?

I’ve never been in the situation because I’m relatively young, and most of the guys I could be potentially interested in haven’t been bald. But, I honestly don’t know if it would impact my decision to date someone or not.

What about you? Does a bald or balding man decrease his attractiveness at all? Can bald be sexy? Are you less likely to be interested in someone if he is bald or balding? If you are young and dating someone, do you try to figure out if he will be bald in the future (based on familial patterns)? If so, does this impact how you feel about a future with him?

Bald guys: Are you comfortable with your baldness? When you started balding, did you feel bad about it or still think you were cute as ever? Did you find that dating patterns changed? How did you feel women responded to your baldness?

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I thought that you would be into “dead bald men”

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They might remind me too much of family.
I probably wouldn’t, at this stage in life unless they went and shaved the rest off. Half a head of hair always looked odd to me, all or nothing!

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I think there are two kinds of bald. First, there’s the ring-around-the-dome which reminds me a lot of my grandfather. I did date a guy once who had this, and it was kinda weird.

The other kind of bald is when the guy just up and shaves his head. There was a guy at work who did this, and he was probably no more than 30yo, and he was sexy! It takes a certain kind of guy to pull this off, but when it works, it really really works.

The thing that the first group should know is that some of them can turn Grandpa-weird-bald into “Mmm,Sexay!” with the flick of a razor.

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I’m not even close to bald, but I did start turning gray when I was 16. I was upset, until I found out the girls liked it, so I liked it.

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I can honestly say I would never date a bald man.

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I think I would feel very uncomfortable—
I’m a heterosexual male.

A bald girl, you ask? That might be a little strange—unless it happened after we had been together a while due to some disease or treatment. But I don’t have a problem dating a girl w/ very short, even buzzed hair. Some women look very good w/ short hair. But I must confess, I generally prefer longer hair.

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Like Laureth said, there are two kinds of bald. I’m not into balding; that desperate attempt to comb over or salvage a few remaining hairs. But bald, true bald, on the right man who can carry it well is sexy.

As a side note, a woman friend who had cancer shaved it all off and went boldly bald. She looked stunning. There is also a girl at my coffee shop who has her hair sort of like Yul Brenner as Ramses. Bald with a very definitive pony-tail high on her head. She looks great. It’s all in the attitude.

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Like tb1570 said, I would have trouble dating a bald guy since I am a straight man.

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Personally, being a partially bald guy myself, dating would be out of the question. I’d perhaps have a brew with him and bs a while, but date??? NO

I hate partially bald myself, cruel trick played on me by someone. I keep my remaining hair trimmed down to nearly shaved. Tried shaved but found out that day or two old stubble on my head was like velcro on my flannel pillowcase. Really weird feeling and made it hard to turn over with the pillow stuck to my head.

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I actually feel bad about this, but I would have a hard time. If the guy was smart, sweet, funny and I got to know him otherwise (think Charlotte’s Harry in Sex and the City), I would probably be able to become attracted to him, but unless I was thrown together with him on a daily basis, I would probably not date him based on just meeting him. Could well be my loss.

I totally agree with the posts above that men who shave their heads and carry themselves with panache could be exceptions. (Although when I see a handsome man with a shaved head, I imagine how much better he would look with hair.)

Not only do I not like the rings of fringe, I hate the few strands comb overs and have not seen a good toupee.

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Personally, I would not date a bald man, a bald woman may be interesting thou…

drifting off, lost in thought…

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I’ve always liked balding and bald men. (maybe I’m just weird).
Husband had a rapidly receding hairline when I met him and is now, after thirty years, mostly bald. I keep tellng him when he is completly bald he will really be handsome.
Both our sons started to have receding hairlines in high school. They are twenty nine years old and have only a small patch left on top. One uses rogain, a futile attempt. The other wears a hat.

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@basp Not at all weird. Thank goodness we don’t all like the same thing.

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Depends on the man. Patrick Stewart is a pretty sexy bald man. And while movie evidence would seem to indicate that he is a truly poor kisser, Vin Diesel is a sexy bald guy.

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I have dated men of different ethnicities and different physical attributes such as height, weight, and hairstyles. I won’t consider physical attributes a dealbreaker, because most of them are beyond the person’s control. We are ALL flawed and none of us got to choose our biological parents.

I give the person the opportunity to show their character to me, because ultimately that is who we are. Our looks will change with time, illness, and injuries; but someone with a strong character will only learn and grow with time and life experiences. That is what matters to me in choosing a life partner.

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THanks, Marina….......

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I’ve never actually dated anyone who is bald or balding, but I have found them attractive, so I highly doubt I’d have an issue with it.

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I’ve never looked at a bald man and thought, gee, he’s handsome. Not even Yul Brenner! OK, well, I just found him scary. I prefer a man with hair on his head. Not saying I’d never, ever, ever do something, because no one knows what will happen given a particular situation, but thus far I’ve not been with a man who didn’t have a head full of thick hair.

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If he has money, it is good

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GOS-It is indicative of how young you really are that you are obsessed by appearance. You can’t stand obese people, are the hair-impaired worthy of your attention..what else? What about short people, people with prominent noses, those in need of glasses, a person with freckles?

If you are only interested in physical appearance you might find that the personalit pool is a little shallow…but maybe that doesn’t matter to you.

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@basp—god luv ya!!

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I thought bald was in? My son has a full head of hair and chooses bald.
I also think that sometimes guys who are loosing their hair just need to embrace their baldness and go for it.
I had a friend who had lost his hair just on the top. He was a plastic surgeon and appearance was important. I finally convinced him to shave the rest and he looked 20 years younger!

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C,mon The shaved head thing is all about hiding fact that the hairline is receding just like the goatee and stubble disguise the softening jowls and the ladies with the tousled short cut or the look that the wind is blowing the hair into the face is to cover up post menopausal thinning and post op hairline scars.

Nobody is fooling anybody.

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I think it wouldn’t be a problem for me, if the guy is confident about himself. The comb over is a definate deal breaker. I have dated a few guys who shaved their heads and I think it’s sexy as hell.

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Neil Strauss shaved his head to increase his attractiveness.

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My ex was balding on top, and looked remarkably like Seinfeld‘s George Castanza. He shaved it all off one day, and looked like a total badass. Huge improvement! My step-son has had a receding hairline since he was 18. At about 22 he shaved it off on a whim. Looks great. Totally bald is not a dealbreaker in any way, but comb-overs? Dead in the water.

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My husband started losing his hair at a young age (about the time of our first child, coincidence?). He shaves what he has left and I find it very sexy.

comb overs I can do without

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I went on a date with a bald man. I couldn’t do it. I’m really into hair. I think I could date someone with hair who then started to lose his hair, but I couldn’t date someone who started out bald.

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I don’t really worry about that, as I have been with my husband for nearly 28 years now. He still has his. But, if I were to be dating, I don’t think that it would matter to me. It is what the heart holds that makes the difference.

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Being of the age where male pattern baldness is common among age mates, I would have to say no, it wouldn’t bother me at all, with the exception of comb-overs or trying to ignore it by growing your hair long.

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I suffered from MPB, had the ring of hair Grandpa style, so I shaved my head in 1996 and never went back. I went from Grandpa ugly to bald sexy in the time it takes to type this response. As for dating another bald guy, depends on how sexy he is and if he has a nice car. I’m not one to let a little thing like gender stop me from having the most enjoyable life possible.

My wife loves my bald head, and she is adamant about me keeping it shaved. All my female friends love my bald head, and they sometimes just can’t keep their hands off of it. Even the eyeball tattoo on the back doesn’t stop them. Rub my head for luck, I could use the luck. :-)

Being bald (shaved bald, not MPB bald) rocks!

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I dated a bald man for several years, but as he explained it he wasn’t bald. It was just that gravity pulled the hair down through his head to the bottom so he had a full beard with no hair on top. It was either that or he was so smart that his brain would over-heat if it were insulated by hair. One or the other was the case I am sure.

Quite frankly, I didn’t date him because of his hair or lack thereof. I dated him because I liked him and found his conversation fun and interesting.

Now I have been married for almost 20 years to a man with the opposite problem. He has a full head of hair, but he still can’t grow a beard. However, he also is fun and interesting and (unlike the other guy) wanted to get married to me at the same time I wanted to get married to him.

Bald really doesn’t matter, as long as it doesn’t happen to me. In case it does I have plenty of wigs, though!

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If I were looking for someone to date now, since I am middle-aged, I would certainly not eliminate anyone because of baldness.

I married a “haired” man 35 years ago; he attracted me then, he attracts me now.

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Baldness is not a problem. I’d prefer what remains to be shaved off rather than having a ‘monk’ do as that can age a man.

But no…it’s fine by me :-)

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Its fine by me, like loubylou44, I prefer shaved off…. That guy from ” My wife and kids” show is bald and he’s hot.

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In the past, I had always been attracted to men with hair. However, I recently met a guy and I liked him so much that it took me a while until it even registered that his hair was thinning. So, positive feelings about someone’s personality made him attractive to me, despite his thinning hair (which would normally be a turn-off for me).

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My hair line is receding and I hate it. Luckily, I don’t need to worry about finding new partners anymore, since regardless of how I am actually perceived, my confidence would falter in the face of the fear of being less attractive due to baldness.

I think that, regardless of whether or not I’m an acceptable mate or not, people judge people first by their appearance. I do think this is inescapable, but that some people are more flexible and more able to refine that initial judgment when more information is presented (such as a personality).

@galileogirl I think that your assessment of GOS is unfair. I believe that it is perfectly acceptable to find people with fewer physical flaws more attractive, and not simply judge peoples’ candidacy for a relationship on their personality alone. Sex is an important part of relationships, and being physically attracted to your mate is important. Secondly, we’re wired to look for mates who are capable of raising healthy children and supporting a healthy family. Balding might be a poor example of bad health, but obesity certainly isn’t.

Believe it or not, physical attraction is important and there’s a reason why certain physical traits are more attractive than others.

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@fieryspoon, Women’s selection of mates has to do with odor, not looks. And being on birth control apparently messes up that selection process, causing women to be attracted to the odor of men whose immune systems are more like their own.

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Actually, since male pattern baldness is related to high levels of testosterone, shouldn’t bald men be much more attractive prizes in the mating sweepstakes?

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I’d definitely date a bald man, it wouldn’t put me off one bit. There are some very sexy bald(ing) men out there, and I think if a man is comfortable with it, and has self confidence, well then it is just part of the whole package as far as I’m concerned.

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@AlfredaPrufrock I think the fact that this question was asked at all is proof that what you said is not entirely true.

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I like bald guys – I married one but we are divorced now – not am issue – not having soh is an issue

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Oh, give it a rest, galileogirl. I asked this bald question because I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about it myself. I didn’t even say it would be a dealbreaker for me. I think Larry David is kinda cute.

I’ve had enough of the fat people nonsense. Whatever. I wasn’t even completely serious about it, and there are worse characteristics than disliking the obese. I don’t lie, cheat, or steal, and I’m a loyal friend. I can handle this minor flaw I possess in preferring to associate with thinner people. Get over it.

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I can see why galileogirl doesn’t date much.

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@Fieryspoon, the question was asked because younger people tend to be more superficial about attraction to people. There’s a point everyone wants to date someone good looking. Then experience teaches you that “attractive” does not mean “nice” and your criteria changes. Or doesn’t, and you end up in a series of unhappy relationships, not sure why.

As for the post about women using odor as a selection, that is entirely true on a biological level. My point in posting it is that what we think we are attracted to is not necessarily the selection mechanism that we really are intended to use. “Attraction” is much more complex than looks. Appearance it’s probably the most flawed method of selection.

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@Mizuki: You’re shitting me, right?

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@AlfredaPrufrock I didn’t say odor didn’t have anything to do with it. I know that it does. It’s not true that it is the only component of attraction.

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My boyfriend is balding and it doesn’t bother me at all. He’s really handsome and really funny and popular with his friends. He’s a great drummer and friend. He’s everything I could ask for in another person, so really it doesn’t bother me that he is bald. It probably bothers him a lot more and we often joke around about it to make it less of an issue.

Do I like glorious ringlets of hair? Definitely. I dated a guy that had beautiful long curly hair, but though his hair was nice, I didn’t think his other qualities really fit up to my expectations.

One of my friends says she would never date a bald guy. I think that’s a little weird myself because she has a crooked eye. haha

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I know several very attractive bald men. That doesn’t bother me at all. Some people are bald simply because their heads are shaped funny and they actually look better with no hair. My bf says that when you have a big head, you have to either have a lot of hair or none at all. He has a lot! LOL

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I didn’t think the hemiplegia was visible through the internet. Not much but enough for a crippled old woman. And possibly with more quality than some ‘kids’!

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only some men can pull the fully shaven head off. Either have all your hair, or shave it bald, dont have the bald in the center, hair on the sides thing.

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@lovelace I’ve also heard that when it comes to guys with really big heads, their moms get a lot of sympathy. :-)

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@evelyns_pet_zebra—They ought to get sympathy no matter what. Even if the kid has a tiny head, it still has shoulders.

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If my sweetie were bald, I wouldn’t give him up.

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it honestly depends on what their face looks like and their body.. if hes got a good body and a good face, then the baldness doenst seem noticable at all.
if hes a good guy then it shudnt matter anyway, am i right? i think i am =D

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where’s gail?

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I don’t have a preference if the guy is balding, bald or has a full head of hair: It all depends on how it looks on him. I think if he has a really nice face or interesting features, lack of hair sometimes brings it out more. Some people look better with less hair and some wouldn’t look any better with it. If you don’t have hair and you look great, hats off to ya pun intended

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Most bald guys (that haven’t shaved their heads or have some medical condition) are way too old for me, but bald can be sexy. ie Captain Picard, Samuel L Jackson (sometimes), Kermit the frog, and Hugh Laurie in the future.

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Oooh they can be hot! Hot hot hot! Yesssss baldy baldy baldy!

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I agree with most of the above, if it’s all bald, it’s very sexy. If it’s starting to receed, I don’t care. But the whole comb over thing is not for me.

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Being that I am a heterosexual man, QUITE RIVETING !

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I’d much rather be with a good honest bald guy, than a complete jerk with a head full of hair, any day.

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I think one guy I sort of dated was balding, he shaved his head though..he looked hot with a shaved head.
I won’t care if my husband goes bald. I’m shocked he isn’t already, because his mother’s family is full of baldies.
He talks about shaving his head, but I won’t let him..I’m afraid it won’t grow back in. lol

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‹(•¿•)› I’m a big fan of the bald beaver. They have a strong impact on wood.

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@SeventhSense that’s right, stay on topic or act like a 3 yo who just found a new toy.

SeventhSense's avatar

Yes I am consistent. Hugs n Kisses.

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Aside from the fact that he is a male, nothing.

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My hubby has a ton of hair, but it would not bother me if he were bald. There are a ton of hotties out there with no hair, whether by choice or nature. It is all in the shape of the scalp for me….

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I never thought I’d find a bald or balding man attractive until I fell in love with one and then it didn’t matter a bit. I’m ever surprised by the power of Love.

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I am a heterosexual so no thanks,but have considered sex with a bold woman

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@Wildman ;
Does she have to be so bold? What if she’s a bit shy?

Wildman's avatar

A little shyness is sexy.

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But what does bold women have to do with the question? ~

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I imagine the question is directed to women or homosexual men.Since I am neither I should have not responded at all,but because I have a weird sense of humor I responded as a hetero,who has considered dating a bold women (hairless as opposed to aggresive)

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I was joking because you said bold instead of bald

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OOOOOPPPSSS!I am a bad speller.SHOOOOT!

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bald can definitely be sexy! i’ve dated two men who were completely bald, and others that were on their way. if you’ve got the personality, bald is sexy and beautiful!!

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I have been married for 25 years, and I know my wife would prefer my not losing my hair over the last 10 years.
Would I date a bald woman? The girl from the first Star Trek movie? Sinead O’Conner? Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta? Oh, hell yes! But don’t tell my wife.
And not Britanny Spears. That chick’s crazy.

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I am married to a bald guy. He’s nice, cute, and sexy. Baldness doesn’t matter.

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If I ever go bald, I’ll still be sexy. Just keep that in mind ladies.

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No problem with bald gentlemen. Actually, I find them to be ‘diamonds in the rough’.

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I am a bald man… And, I am smart, beautiful as a person. And, one nice piece of ass. Come rub some oil on my noggin.

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shiny!!! ^-^

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Hair plugs FTW

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Maybe Bruce Willis…...... );

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it is not that bad!

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I love bald men….
men don’t need hair, they should ALL shave it off.
so sexy;)

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Who cares if he’s bald??? I mean really. If shallowness wins out, then he deserves better. Sorry if that sounded rude, but attraction should be based on personality, not on looks alone. My man is going bald (at a young age, I might add), but that has never made me feel even slightly less attracted to him. Baldness happens, but so what? Love is what’s important, not hair.

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I would never date a man of any sort! Yuck! There are so many bald/ing men that this question is not unusual.

The interesting question is how many would date a bald/ing woman (and I don’t mean temporary, like from chemo, I mean permanent)?

I’m not really sure as I absolutely think beautiful hair is very attractive no matter the gender. I suppose if you’re in love, that losing the hair may be regretful but not change the love you feel. If they’ve already lost the hair before you love them could be a different story. I like to think that I’m not so shallow that one thing would keep me from loving someone who has a wonderful, kind, caring personality that loved me back.

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@Meribast ask it in a new q.
let’s find out how many would?
think they’ll be honest?

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why descriminating bald guys…

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I’ve never given it much thought!

Receding hairlines are sort of disturbing, especially given that the guys I’m referring to are in their early 20s, but completely bald/mostly bald? Not bothered.

I guess I just don’t like uneven hair, in general.

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If he was attractive, had an earring, wasn’t old, had tattoos & maybe a motorcycle I’d totally dig him lol

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I think bald guys are sexy as all get out! I’m 32 and I’ve felt this way since I was a teenager. I’ve never dated a bald guy, because I’ve never really known one well enough to date. BUT after having a few too many cocktails, I have been known to rub bald guys heads. :S

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@SarasWhimsy The truth is that rubbing bald men’s heads makes you feel like you’ve had too many cocktails.

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HAHAHA these answers ARE FunnY!

I worked with a coworker who said she likes bald men, so it made me think… actually, there are a lot of females that dont mind hairloss! And the truth of hte matter is, hair is just hair until it gets the person down, then it’s important to do something about it—shave it, or just plain and simple get over it and feature your smile, eyes, and character.

My boyfriend may lose his hair. his father and his older brother have the same hairline and it goes very very thin at the top and the sides of the forehead. I know my boyfriend is the youngest and so I make him aware that when he gets frustrated, pulling the sides of his hair WILL NOT HELP! I also bought him Bumble and bumble Treatment line called Density. It helps regrow clogged hair folicles (but will not re-grow hair where the folicles are dead). It has improved his volume and the thinning areas have thickened. i want him to thrive in his hair becuase he is young, but if he loses it before we marry, i will still marry him and still be attracted to him. I also notice thin hairs fall out over our pillowcase, so in the middle of the night i will give him scalp massages to stimulate his head.

at the end of the day, when we grow old, we will lose certain features including hair. we lose elasticity and collagen too, some people are more prone to wrinkles than others… it’s important to look deeper than looks.

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I see baldness like obiesity: Just because you see it everywhere doesn’t mean it’s acceptable.

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Two words for you… Mitch Pileggi <falls over in a dead faint> Not every girl watched the x files to drool over David duchovny lol (although he’s a stud muffin too)

Bald can be just as sexy as hairy, it’s the person that counts.
hugs all xx
ps: I was lucky enough to meet Mr Pileggi (along with Nick Lea) at a signing once he was lovely and is a great hugger <smiles> but when it comes to sex appeal, he left darling Mr Lea (who was just lovely to everyone too) at the starting blocks. as I said yummmmm :-)

MacBean's avatar

@bunnygrl: I really wish I could give you multiple GAs for that.

Darwin's avatar

So, @bunnygrl, does that mean you watch Stargate: Atlantis, Sons of Anarchy and Grey’s Anatomy?

bunnygrl's avatar

@Darwin Stargate Atlantis definitely (I LOVE all of the stargate series so Mr Pileggi being there was a real bonus) I haven’t ever been able to see Grey’s anatomy because it’s always on at the same time as other things I watch. I hate when programmes clash, there is nothing but rubbish on most of the time and then when anything decent comes along there are 2 or 3 programmes on at the same time on different channels.

I haven’t heard of sons of anarchy though. So Mitch is in it? I’m off to IMDB to have a look, many thanks for letting me know.
hugs xx
PS He also turned up in one of my fave programmes, supernatural, and I wasn’t expecting that so it was a cool surprise, talk about a severe case of the warm and fuzzies! like I said, he makes me weak at the knees :-)

Darwin's avatar

You can watch Sons of Anarchy online here.

proXXi's avatar

@bunnygirl: Mitch was in an episode of Law and Order. I was hoping he would become a regular character. Too bad. Fringe should take him on.

bunnygrl's avatar

@Darwin <hugs> thank you so much foor the link, am off to check it out <more hugs>
@proXXi I Love Fringe (funnily enough hubby and I both said that its definitely the X Files for the 00’s) and I agree Mitch would be amazing in it <hugs>

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I’m waiting.

proXXi's avatar


Odd that they can develop warp drive and teleportation in the future but not viable hair replacement…

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I’ve never dated a bald man.

Darwin's avatar

@proXXi – But what if some people in the future simply prefer to be bald? And those who don’t have taken advantage of the viable hair replacement methods of the future?

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yes, I would date some one who was bald :D

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26y/o not into balding…

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I love that this question is still plodding along, almost a year later.

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The man I recently started dating gets his head shaved every 2 weeks. His hairline is a little receded, but not bad at all for mid-40s. He does it because it’s his preference. I’m curious what he’d look like with hair, but his choice doesn’t bother me.

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Ugh – My 2nd marriage was to a bald man – Army guy. Had nothing to do with his hair – but he was a LOSER

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Bald is beautiful.I love those wacky b@$t@rd$ !

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It does not matter to me. If he is nice and gently and worthy of my time, i would.
A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will like him.

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@laureth is right about two kinds of bald, and I love this question because I am bald/shaved. I think when you go bald has a lot to do with how you handle it. I started going bald at about 25 and was not a big deal to me. I had classmates in college who were almost completely bald. I never ever did the combover thing. i thought it looked ridiculous. But ya gotta have the head for it and the coloring. Good genes help. Mine is of the Yul Brynner variety. So, bottom line, I love it. Have never had anything but positive remarks about it.

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Glass eye, missing fingers, a limp, a hunchback…shit…as long as they can TALK to me and don’t go into their caves for 40 days and 40 nights on end! lololol

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I wanted a boyfriend that looks good bald ever since I saw “Jarhead” that movie is so hot… I guess, and my boyfriend has that. I love his short hair and also when he shaves everything off and is bald for a while.
I usually don’t have eyes for other men bc I’m in a relationship but the other day I saw this man/boy who was wel built and bald, I thought he looked really hot and then I remembered how I like good looking bald guys, reminds me of the army!

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For some people, the bald look works. Like Peter Furler example. Bald can definitely be sexy, if the guy has the head for it.

TheOnlyException's avatar

You will be surprised in your lifetime the type of people you find yourself drawn to. It can come out of the blue and be so horrifically wonderful that the baldness or whatever other physical ‘flaw’ he has will be irrelevant. Of course you feel like this now, but when you find someone with that trait attractive, not only will it not matter, you might specifically like that thing about him!

sarahjane90's avatar

I’ve seen some pretty hot bald men actually! Even though it wouldn’t normally be my cup of tea, I think it depends on who it is.

Aster's avatar

Extremely thinning or bald—SEXY. But if their head is suntanned?

plethora's avatar

@Aster Heading for the tanning bed..:)

Aster's avatar

when I meet a man, whether a doctor, dentist, neighbor, etc., the only thing I can’t remember is his hair. I remember his SHIRT,
or his VOICE but not his hair. Strange.

Pied_Pfeffer's avatar

Baldness is something that cannot be controlled, thus it has never been a problem for me.

breathe's avatar

If I want to run my fingers through a mans hair, I want it to be on his chest. I love bald men with a hairy chest. yummy.

Pied_Pfeffer's avatar

@breathe :) a hug to you.

It is a good thing that we all have different tastes, as well as physical, emotional and personality characteristics that attract us or we don’t even give a second thought about. May we all find the perfect mate.

MissA's avatar

A friend of mine says he is not bald…
it’s just that most of it is clear.

He has a heart the size of Milwaukee,
and, I love him for it.

mindful's avatar

Women/men who do not like bald men how do you feel about

xjustxxclaudiax's avatar

Two words: Jason Statham <3

xjustxxclaudiax's avatar

@TheOnlyException – I’m a chubby chaser, so I totally agree with what you said :) My guy friend isn’t extremely big..but he’s big…and I love it….I love a man that can keep me warm^-^

choreplay's avatar

I am so surprised this wasn’t talked about more. Just once in this whole thread. Have any of you not heard of the phrase solar sex panel. Bald Men Have More Testosterone and therefore stronger sex drives. I’m not bald but would mind if I was.

Tay122's avatar

I’d rather have a fully bald man than a half bald/little hair man. You know like when the hair on their head is buzzed in a U shape… Blah!
But if worst comes to worst and the man happen to be sexy on the inside, then he’ll look sexy on the outside to me as well.
No matter how ugly you are, theres at least one person in this oviously freaky world that wants to nominate you to be sexiest man alive!
Charlie Sheen? Not hot. Is he famous? Yes.

Ayesha's avatar

Bald men are sexy.

_zen_'s avatar

Damn straight they are.

choreplay's avatar

I’m telling you, solar sex panel.

GabrielsLamb's avatar

Depends on the shape of his head.

lillycoyote's avatar

I wouldn’t say I have a thing for bald men but baldness certainly isn’t a deal breaker for me. Like anything else, it depends on the guy. I was absolutely crazy about a man who was losing his hair once. He was one of the sexiest guys I’ve ever encountered. But his sexiness came from inside; it was about who he was, how he carried himself, how he treated me and interacted with me, and his tallness and his shoulders, I like my men tall with great shoulders :-), not about his hair or lack of hair. Plus, I’d do Patrick Stewart in a New York minute; sexiest bald guy ever, IMHO.

amberbug's avatar

to all women who smugly knock bald guys, here’s a sober warning: never get fat. All that rejection will fly back at you like an asteroid.

zensky's avatar

Here we are almost three years after first posting this question. I remember it well – it was a great headline.

Sadly, with my lack of success in the romance department, I regret I must declare that I am seriously now considering dating bald men as well.

lillycoyote's avatar

@zensky At least you won’t be accused of smugly knocking bald guys, which I didn’t, at least; I don’t think anyone was smug here. Good luck Zen. I hope it works out for you. Due to my lack of success in the romance department I have recently started to consider dating incarcerated felons, if such a relationship can even be referred to as dating. They seem to be very appreciative. I think I might start with just a pen pal kind of relationship and see how it goes from there.

zensky's avatar

Of course it counts. Hello – conjugal visits?

lillycoyote's avatar

Yes, I like the idea of conjugal visits very much. You get what you want, and a visit too and then you get to go home and the guy isn’t hanging around the house all the time, getting in your way and pestering you and doing everything wrong. It seems like a pretty good arrangement to me, but that’s just me.

zensky's avatar

Sounds idyllic. You wonder why more women aren’t dating convicted felons in 10 ft cells.

lillycoyote's avatar

I wonder myself. It seems perfect.

zensky's avatar

Let me know, I might try it myself. That is, get incarcerated and have you visit me.

I’m fresh out til tomorrow – maybe ask it as a question.?

lillycoyote's avatar

I’m kind of looking for a sensitive guy who is can talk about his feelings, but who’s been sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, so there’s not going to be a chance of him coming to live with me and getting underfoot and on my nerves a lot and all that. Other than that, I’m really o.k. with the bald thing and lots of other stuff. I don’t know if that is a possible sentence in your neck of the woods, as they say; is it?.

zensky's avatar

Oh, that goes without saying. I believe most convicts who got life (murder, aggravated assault and rape) are probably misunderstood, sensitive types who won’t have a problem talking to you (over the phone, through plexiglass) about all their feelings, and Bubba in the adjacent cell. You know, their bitch.

lillycoyote's avatar

Yes, there is always the possibility that my man will have his “bitch” inside of prison, but I am willing to accept that, to overlook it. And even if he turns out not to be misunderstood… well that is one of the reasons I’m really interested in a guy who has been sentenced to life without the possibility of parole; not just because it means I don’t have to deal with all that “man stuff” on a daily basis but because if he really is dangerous he’ll be locked up for the rest of his life.

zensky's avatar

Yes, the latter part of what you said is bonus and kind of built in. Do not be jealous of the bitch inside – it’s inevitable and not by choice. It’s not his fault. And his being misunderstood? A given; he is innocent. They all are – so they are automatically misunderstood. The more I think about it, it’s probably the best, most idyllic romantic situation a gal could ask for. I think you should do it. Let me look up some emails of some candidates for you. We’ll skip the cannibals, yes? Just the murderers?

zensky's avatar

Thank you. I didn’t know it meant a stunning dong. I have one of those. Just saying.

lillycoyote's avatar

@zensky The “stunning dong” comment belongs on a different thread, your GOP question, I believe. But I most certainly wouldn’t mind that being part of the package when it comes to my sensitive convicted felon who’s serving life without the possibility of parole.

zensky's avatar

I just realized something; this is in General. Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha Haha

jonsblond's avatar

There was no general when this was asked

but you still would have been told to take it to pm’s, so never mind ;)

lillycoyote's avatar

I was thinking the same thing, that we were going to get modded for being so very, very off topic, but hat this question was asked in general but before there was a social section and that maybe we would get grandfathered in because we’ve been whispering. The question is almost 3 years old; how can it hurt at this point? Anyway, Zen and I have gotten each other into this kind of trouble before, with off topic chatter. We’ll survive. And soon I may have connections in the prison system. Someone will look out for us, though it may cost me.

zensky's avatar

Oh goody @jonsblond wants to play prison visit with us.

lillycoyote's avatar

I was kind of hoping no one would notice us here. If the wardens get wind of this it could be trouble.

zensky's avatar

Threesome? I got five minutes yard time.

lillycoyote's avatar

That’s approximately 1.66 minutes apiece. I guess that will have to do. Being in the big house isn’t easy, that’s for sure. No matter what some people may think, it’s no Club Med.

zensky's avatar

Sorry, I didn’t calculate right I was way off. 3 minutes will do. That’s my average.

choreplay's avatar

Now if you’ll are going to get off onto duration that just takes it back full circle to the bald man thing. Solar sex panel, more testosterone, longer duration!

zensky's avatar

Yes. Me love you long time.

choreplay's avatar

Sorry, not your type, my hair line is only receeding. I

bookish1's avatar

Hm, the last two guys I have been interested in have been bald with shaved heads… Perhaps I am establishing a type for myself…

rbickford30's avatar

I use to have long hair and over a month ago, I donated to locks of love and a barbershop I told them to cut all my hair off, they cut it to an 1/8 of an inch. Some clippers that I brought 3 nights a go broke and left where patches, so I had my head shaved bald with the metal blades on the clippers, ever since then woman have been telling me that I look good bald.

Ela's avatar

I must be old maturing ‘cuz I find it sexy. As a matter of fact, I’m finding a lot of men my own age to be incredibly sexy (and most don’t have a head full of hair).

zensky's avatar

Bald men be sexy.

Ela's avatar

^^ sexiest bald man on fluther, imo…

Inspired_2write's avatar

I once went out with a bald man.
He turned out to be the most interesting man that I had dated in a long time.
His other attributes outshaun his baldness.
Look past that.
We parted for other reasons. Brief encounter, but memorable person.

Xilas's avatar

who cares.. I’d date a bald female if i liked her.

Shinimegami's avatar

Not see bald men at Japan except priests shave heads. If I like man and he is nice not matter if he have, not have hair.

Smitha's avatar

I usually prefer men with hair, but I wouldn’t turn a person down just because he is bald. If I like him and he treats me really well then it wouldn’t bother me at all.

chinchin31's avatar

haha. I personally wouldn’t . I don’t find it attractive. But sometimes you fall in love with someone first and only after notice their physical faults. I also would be afraid my children get the bald gene. It is natural to have these feelings. It is part of being human. We all have visions of how we want our offspring to look like.
But in the end you often can’t help sometimes who you fall in love with.

balDEELISH's avatar

I think women are pretty judgemental seeing how ugly almost ALL of them are without makeup. There isnt a woman in Hollywood that would be glamorous without it unless they are under 21 & even then most look like shit. I would rather be bald & have my handsome face than date a lot of women cakin on their makeup scared to death someone might see em in the daylight without it!!

Ela's avatar

LoL ^^^ say what!?!

MooCows's avatar

Bald…not for me as I always considered bald men to
have small penises and I like a little meat on mine!

VenusFanelli's avatar

I’ve never done that yet. I judge a person by more than surface appearance though. If a bald man has a nice personality, I would consider dating him.

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