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Were the cyclists who just died in Italy wearing helmets when they were hit by a Moroccan?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10280points) December 5th, 2010

Were they?

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None of the articles I could find specified whether or not they were wearing helmets. But really, it wouldn’t have made a difference. They were hit by a car head-on traveling above the speed limit; fast enough that the driver was injured, too. Helmet or no helmet, is irrelevant at that point.

Here is an article on what happened, if anyone reading hasn’t heard about this.

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What can you do to save your life when you are on a bicycle and about to get hit by a car? Should you stay on the bike? Jump off randomly? Would it be better to get rolled over than hit by the cars body? Maybe you could jump off and lay flat?

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If there’s no way to avoid getting hit, my guess would be to try to roll up and over the windshield and off the side.

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Wait, where they hit by a Moroccan ( a person) or hit by a vehicle?

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They were hit by a Moroccan under the influence of marijuana while he was driving a vehicle at an unsafe speed.

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Horrible. I cycle almost every day, and things like this are a nightmare.

We had a similar incident in my area except those who were hit were on motorcycles rather than bicycles.

It’s really scary sharing the road with cars.

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I have it on good authority that marijuana does not impair your ability. Just ask the many Flutherites who know better.

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Allegedly, @CaptainHarley. Innocent until proven guilty, etc.

Forget cyclists wearing helmets. The single greatest improvement we could make to road safety would be to install a metal spike in the centre of the steering wheel, pointing directly at the driver’s heart.

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I presume the cyclists were killed by injuries to parts of their bodies not covered by their helmets.

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The fact that he’s a Moroccan is nothing more then a bigoted fact inserted to raise raciest passions!
The only pertinent fact is that he was driving under the influence.

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@Bagardbilla That is the exact reason I was asking my reply question earlier!

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@Bagardbilla I don’t have anything against Moroccan’s! Just a boolean operator…fyi

The Never Ending Story-

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I just wonder what kind of bastard would throw Moroccans at bicyclists.

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