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I'm trying to figure out what brand of coat this is. Any ideas?

Asked by Seelix (14879points) December 6th, 2010

I’ve seen quite a few people in Toronto lately wearing a coat that I’d love to have (depending on the price). It seems to be made of canvas (or some kind of non-swishy material – it’s not puffy but seems thick and maybe filled), has a hood which is trimmed in fur (or faux fur), and a zipper closure. I’ve seen it on men and women, in bomber length and below-the-hip length, and in both black and olive green. There’s an embroidered patch sewn on one sleeve, with a logo that I haven’t been able to make out – but the patch is trimmed in red and is black with a white image.

I haven’t had the opportunity to ask anyone I’ve seen, and I haven’t gotten close enough to get a good look at the logo. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

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Maybe a picture would help?

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I wish I had one! I’ve only seen this coat in person and I’ve tried searching online for a picture, but no dice :(

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Is it kind of like this?

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THAT’S IT! I was close on the logo, blue rather than black… Oh my goodness @mrentropy, you’ve made my evening. And that’s saying something because the Warcraft expansion comes out tonight at midnight.

Thank you SO MUCH!

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@Seelix You are welcome. Fear my Google-Fu.

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