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Do you have any advice on my upcoming trip to Berlin?

Asked by nikipedia (27526points) December 6th, 2010

I’ll be visiting my best friend, who moved to Berlin a few months ago, from December 14 to 28. We don’t have much of an itinerary planned yet, so are there any sights we must see? Places we have to eat, or things we have to do?

For bonus points, if anyone knows the city particularly well, can you give me some suggestions on how I can keep up running while I’m there? I imagine the streets might be snowy/icy, something I don’t have to worry about in Southern California. Are there trails that might be well-maintained, or an indoor track I could have access to temporarily?

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Hmm, I haven’t been there in a while (I’m going back next summer!), but I can give a few suggestions.

I don’t know a lot other than some of the more tourist-y places, but some of them are worth checking out. First, the wall/Brandenburg gate are pretty cool. I really loved some of the art that was painted on the west side of the wall, it really is a window into the times. The museum at checkpoint charlie is another must-see (for me at least, I don’t know if you like museums). Especially if you’re a history buff, it’s really neat. And for food, try the Currywurst.

As for your running, I can’t say for sure, as I’ve never been in the winter. I imagine there wouldn’t be too much snow on the ground, and I believe there are a few smaller rivers that go through the city that may be nice to run along.

That’s about all I got, sorry I can’t help more. I would recommend finding some sort of travel guide to get more details. Good luck, and have an awesome trip.

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I lived in Berlin for about a year and a half, a while ago. I loved the city! Always something to do. Its been a while so I’m not sure if my favorite places are still there. @heresjohnny has some very good ideas I also recommend. Find a “Schnell Imbiss” for food late at night.

I used to run in the Tiergarten, even in winter. Along the canals is also good.

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In addition to the great stuff @heresjohnny suggested, I’d recommend going to the Reichstag—it’s like our capitol building, and is right next to the Brandenburg Gate. Those are both at the subway stop Unter den Linden. Then if you just keep walking a few blocks east on the street Unter den Linden, you’ll get to Museum Island…which, as you can imagine, has a few pretty sweet museums. Oh! And on the way to Museum Island, you’ll cross Friedrichstra├če, a street famous for having lots of ritzy stores, if you’re into that.

The cool church that got its roof blown off in WWII and they decided to leave as a memorial is right outside the Zoologisher Garten stop. (The subway system there is great, by the way.) The street Kurf├╝rstendamm, which runs right along that plaza is also pretty famous. And the super tall TV tower, you can go up is at Alexanderplatz, which is also where there’s this world clock…which is famous for some reason I don’t actually know.

Oh, and you definitely have to check out some Christmas markets. They’re super German and just really fun. They have quite a few in Berlin, probably one for every district. Last time I was there (three years ago), there was one across the street from Museum Island, if you go there. And there’s definitely going to be one by that memorial church at Zoologischer Garten.

As far as running goes, I also think Tiergarten is a safe bet. I also remember biking the trail they have part of the way along where the Wall ran…but I’m afraid I have no idea how to access it.

Oh man, I wish I could go back! I hope you have a blast!

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