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What kind of phone service is the best?

Asked by Abby (106points) April 10th, 2007
I actually want a landline (gasp, I know). Suggestions? I've gotten ads about Time Warner's digital phone service...Vonage....old fashioned style? In Columbus Ohio if that helps...thanks.
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I've heard bad things about vonage, maybe stick with old fashion style.
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Ask your neighbors what works for them. If you get power outages, a land line is a good thing. Everyone here in ruralville has one. If Columbus gets lots of heavy snow storms (and I memory tells me it does) that means tree branches may come down on power lines. All you need is one day (or worse) night in the dark w. no heat, light, stove or phone to make you appreciate the land line. altho living in a city, you can get to a friend's w/o huskies and a sled.

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