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When's the last time you prank called someone?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) January 28th, 2020

My husband and I did this to a friend and I haven’t heard from her in two days.
I’m little bit worried

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What kind of prank did you do, @lucillelucillelucille? I’m curious.

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@jca2 -Nothing too serious.
I had my husband call her and say this
We first did this to her about 10 years ago so she was due for a repeat.

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Last time I was involved in a prank call was in the mid 1970s.

Given modern technology, they aren“t at all funny these days.

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I don’t think I’ve ever done it. I don’t like pranks.

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I’ve mostly just prank-responded to telemarketers, and maybe prank returned their calls. Before that it may be like 30 years ago, though I may be forgetting something.

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Just a few years back in junior high school. :-)

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Probably back in high school when we used the phone book to call Motley Crue, some random person in the phone book was listed that way.

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@KNOWITALL -Lol! I just heard from my friend so she is not in hospital.
She never screens her calls so she can be easily victimized :)

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I can’t recall ever doing it.

Am I boring?

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30 years ago. When caller id was invented. I used to feed the trolls on Fluther but have stopped recently.

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Yes @LuckyGuy you are boring.

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Me too. Boring.

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Arount 1968–1969, towards high school.

We called the bowling alley nearby and asked “Do you have two 12-pound balls?”.

The guy said Yes.

We asked “Doesn’t that make it hard to walk?”

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We called the bowling alley and asked them to page Mike Hunt.
We were so funny!

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I overflowed a bar once.

My last prank call I can remember was in high school. My mom put me up to it. She was a class act.

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I was being harassed by a telemarketer when I was in junior high school. I tricked the telemarketing guy for his bosses home phone number by pretending to want a job interview with the company. I called the boss at 3am and asked if he wanted to buy my used socks over and over.

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Effing genius move! ^

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OMG @chyna! I had to say it outloud to “get it.” Sadly…there are some real Mike Hunts.

We did a few. The one I’ll never forget was when my neighbor boy said for me to call some random number and place an order for McDonalds, the way I rattled it off to my dad.
So I called. A lady answered. I said, “IWannaHamburgerFrenchfriesMilkShakeToo!!!” All in one quick breath.
There was a moment of silence. I waited for the outrage, so I could hang up, giggling.
Then the lady said, “Alright. Which one of my crazy kids is this?!”
I said, “I’m not one of your crazy kids!”
I spent 5 minutes trying to convince her I was not one of her crazy kids. By the end I wished I WAS one of her crazy kids. She sounded so nice and had a good sense of humor.
I spent way too much time wishing I had a different mom. :(

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Probably in 1970–71.

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