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Who can create the longest coherent sentence where the first letter of each word is alphabetical?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) December 7th, 2010


Create a sentence as long as you can where the first letter in each word is the next alphabetically to the previous word.

Example: Ants bake cookies…

Notice the first letter of each word.


- You don’t have to start with A, you can start anywhere within the alphabet

- If you go to the letter Z, you can continue going with A

- The sentence doesn’t have to make total sense, but it must be complete and coherent

- Don’t answer twice in a row

- Give lurve to the funniest and longest sentences!

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58 Answers

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Erich finds grass healthy in jelly Kit-Kats.

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Zoo animals burn cages during elephants’ feeding.

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Brian crafts deliriously egregious, frivolously gregarious, hermetically idiotic, just kidding, laughably moronic, noxiously odious, particularly questionable responses.

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Always be caring, do everything fearlessly, great hearts inspire joyful kinmanship, love, modesty, negate ostentation, pave quickly raw souls through unorthodox vision with xenial yielding zest!

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Four gentlemen hack into Java’s kick-ass legacy media new online page quickly running system tests.

Wow did that make any sense?

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In Jim’s kimono, lemurs make naughty orphans purposefully question regular science tactics, undoubtedly vandalizing weak x-rays.

YoBob's avatar

Atta boy @Coloma, done extremely fearlessly, greatly helping inspire jellie kinmanship…

Coloma's avatar


Thanks..but, make that an ‘Atta GIRL!’ lol

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I wanna take part but I can’t seem to come up with anything :/ dammit…. anyways gonna follow and give some lube :)

Coloma's avatar


Yes! Zing! ;-)

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After burning corridor doors, engulfing flames grew heavily inward jolting kids lying mindlessly napping out, poking questions, rather senselessly, than understanding validly why Xavier yelled zestfully, “All books cremated, don’t even feel guilt hating, instead just killing lame minutes, no other professors, queer rodents, stayed teaching ugly vocabulary words.”

oh that’s horrible lol

Coloma's avatar


I’d like to hear more about these queer rodents. lol

Coloma's avatar

A bulimic cat deposits evil gravy hurl.

Inspired by Marley, the bulimic cat, just now.

The_Idler's avatar

My new, original, perhaps quasi-ridiculous, student-trap utilizes very weak X-Rays; Yemeni zebra-back archers, beautifully circling daunted ephebi, fiendishly gun hipsters inside Jade killing-labyrinths.

chocolatechip's avatar

When xylophones, young zebras, and bears collide, destroying Earth, fueling God’s hateful infinite judgment, kids lie meekly near omniscient planes, questioning reason, sanity, truth, understanding vice; wandering, yearning xenos zip around barren cosmos, diligently endeavoring, finding Genesis, His influence joins, kindling life, making new oceans.

Hypocrisy_Central's avatar

Boy, can dances end funny geek horndog’s imaginations justly kicking love moans, notwithstanding, over pussy quite regularly since tits vision wows.

sliceswiththings's avatar

@The_Idler, going to give any credit for “weak x-rays” there? :)

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A big cat decided everyone faltered greatly, having in jasper kettles low monotonous noise on powerful quick ranges, so that under vicious whispers xenon yielded zirconium.

I didn’t say it made sense. I wanted to see what I could come up with in the quickest amount of time, and there it is. :P

Translation: A large feline decided that everyone had made a great mistake. At the same time, he had in kettles made of jasper stone, low frequency monotonous sound. The kettles sat on powerful quick-heating stoves, so that beneath the angry whispers, the xenon gas would leave zirconium as a byproduct.

There! It’s coherent. :D

erichw1504's avatar

A bear can dream enough for groundhogs’ half inclined jousts.

roundsquare's avatar

After being called down every flying gate, he indicated jaded kids laugh monotonously needing opera performances quickly rated so that underwear violins with xylophones yield zero antimatter by chatting exciting furious girls held in jails killed looking merry now on patrol quacking rooms slowly to understand vicious warriors xenon yellow zippers.

erichw1504's avatar

@roundsquare Not bad, not very coherent, but not bad.

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Quiet repose stops, time undulates vicariously with Xmas zither.
Ugh,,,off to shop, again, lol

Coloma's avatar


maybe it should be alphabetical poetry!

erichw1504's avatar

@Coloma describes elusive fabrications,
granting her insinuation justified.

Coloma's avatar


fervently gathers highly inclined jocular kinds. ;-)

erichw1504's avatar

I just know light may not obstruct peaceful quilts respectfully!

YoBob's avatar

@Coloma How about “babe” (it starting with a ‘b’)

Supacase's avatar

A big car drives every father gathering his imaginary jogging kid like many needy older people questioning reality sit tapping upon vicious, wacky xylophones yodeling zealously.

zenvelo's avatar

all big children deserve educational funding; government has interests joining learning, knowledge, methods now, or possibly quick results so that universal virtues Xerox your zeal.

cookieman's avatar

A boy, Chris Darnforth, emerged from Gayle’s house incessantly jostling Kitty (long, mean, nasty) over petrified quells regarding some tragic, universal visage wandering with xenophobic zookeepers.

sliceswiththings's avatar

Fabulous, @zenvelo, and so true!

erichw1504's avatar

@zenvelo That is probably the best so far!

erichw1504's avatar

Darwin elated, “frosty giants have insulated jackets!”

erichw1504's avatar

Murphy never observed pink quilts resting still, they usually vomited while Xeroxing yellow zebra appendages.

Blueroses's avatar

All boys can dance except for Goofy Howard; idiot just kicked lamely, maiming Nellie Olson’s pudendum quite radically so that untold vengeance waits.

Coloma's avatar


‘Nellie Olson’...aaahahahaha

erichw1504's avatar

After Billy corrupted Dana, excited fellows galloped halfway into Jill’s knife, lacerating many noses of pilgrims, Quakers, republicans and soldiers, thoroughly uniting vampires’ wives.

The_Idler's avatar

Another boring christmas daunts every friendless grinch, haunting inside jumbled kaleidoscopic LSD mindscapes, numberless obnoxious pests questioning reality; Santa’s Toys unnervingly vicious, working X-Ray zapguns?

Ok it got a bit abstract halfway through…

Coloma's avatar

@The_Idler @The_Idler
I like it!

A butterfly can dither enraptured
floating gracefully
hovering in June

kindly living monarch,
opulent prince
quizzical rascal
sweet twirling umbrella

vibrant wisp o’ xanthous
yarrow zeppelin

Blueroses's avatar

Please marry me. The geese can carry the rings.

erichw1504's avatar

Always beautifully cautious
delivering egotistical flaws
gracefully haunting

I jump
kite losing momentum
now out powered

quiet revelations swirling
testing usefulness visually
with Xylographs

Yes, zoom!

Coloma's avatar

Awww, why yes they can, on little ribbons around their elegant necks. ;-)

Coloma's avatar


Excellent! Poetry it is! :-)

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A black coffee does enlighten foggy gray hemispheres

What the hell time is it for you peeps anyway? Barely 8am PST, brain fog still lingering. lol

erichw1504's avatar

@Coloma Thanks, I tried.

The_Idler's avatar

Although beige computers didn’t excite friends,
geeks had intel-lectual jamborees,
kickbanning lusers, managing networks,
organising party quests, raids,
stealing telecomms, utilizing villainous WiFi “eXplorers”,
yammering zealously about binary code,
deeply emboldened, fiendishly good hackers,
jocularly killing LANs, maiming networks,
obnoxious ping queries, repeated such that users vulnerable were

nebule's avatar

you guys are so talented (I’m not even going to attempt one tonight) xx

Coloma's avatar


I’d say you’ve far surpassed a mere idle! lol

A blustery country darkness enfolds
fresh green hemp initiates jocularity


SavoirFaire's avatar

But can daddy ever find girls happy in just khaki, linen, muslin, nylon, or polyester quietly resisting such thieves usurping violently what xenophobic younglings zanily abducted?

erichw1504's avatar

I just know life may not open properly.

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A bad child desires everyones favour going haywire internally joyous knowing little mind

Coloma's avatar


Hah! Very good!

erichw1504's avatar

Can Dad easily find garden hose in Jack’s keep?

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