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Do you judge those Flutherites who ask more than they respond?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2716points) December 7th, 2010

I have more responses than questions, but I prefer questions and it’s close. I note most ratios favor HIGHLY the responses over the questions. Does that make me a “user,” or less of a useful member of this collective?!

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I wouldn’t even know who does and who doesn’t, since I rarely look at the name of the people who participate.

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Well, there is a limit on the number of questions you can ask but no limit to the number of responses you can give . . .

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I rarely even look at how many questions someone has asked or how many responses they have written. It doesn’t matter to me either way. I just answer more than ask because I don’t have many questions to ask on here.

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I’ll take a wild guess, that it goes in cycles. But I think that fellow jellies answer more than ask.

IMHO It a community for support and some jabs but mostly honest answers.

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Adding to what @Blondesjon said, sort of: there is a question limit, so it’s not like anyone can be asking too many questions in one day. I think the limit is more to force people to really consider what they’re going to post than anything, though.

Perhaps you’re just a more wondering than answering mind? I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Questions definitely contribute—they’re half the site! What would all the answerers do without you—and questions in general—?

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I figure Fluther is there for your own amusement. Ask or comment as much as you please.

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I have a 1:100 Q:A ratio. If there weren’t people with high Q:A ratios, I wouldn’t have much of a site to participate in.

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Wonderful responses!

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@josie Hahahaha! You figure Fluther? I think that you are my Fluther figure!

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Why would one even pay much attention? I don’t care if you ask a thousand questions, that just means I have 999 opportunities to send your day flying downhill. And make you all lose The Game. Which I just lost.

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Yes, I judge those bastards! I find them guilty of inequitability of questioning to answering ratio, and I hereby sentence them to be whipped! And then boiled! And forced to listen to several hours of Slim Whitman and Zamfir. After that they must run a gauntlet of angry housewives in fuzzy pink bathrobes and college freshmen still up from a weekend binge fest. That’ll learn ‘em.

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Heck no. Nor do I keep tally.

Someone has to ask questions otherwise what would we have to answer?

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Honestly, I have a tendency to judge users harshly if they only answer and never ask a question. This is mostly because I see this a lot with trolls or generally nasty users who just want to pick at other people instead of being a part of the community.

I wish i could ask as many question as you do. Weeks go by where I don’t ask anything and I feel like I’m letting fluther down. Thanks for picking up the slack!

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No. I couldn’t possibly care less.

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@jonnyceltics I judge you for asking questions about dualism.

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Great Caesar’s ghost, this site is almost geared to make a person who participates regularly a user of the answering type because the tight fist they have on questions and how questions can even be asked. I would think most have more answers than questions because you can respond to an answer more than once but the question can only be asked once. There would be no answers if there were no questions so IMO the question tips slightly into the important realm more than the answer; many people can’t grasp the gist of the question well enough to make a logical concerned effort anyhow. There are times I could ask 5 to 8 questions in a day if I could, and other times I can’t think of even one good one.

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To have a question and answer site, you need questions and answers. They’re both useful. But I do like the fact that the questions here get so many answers.

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Of course not, one learns by asking questions, its expanding your own mind, no need to appologize or be chistized for being inquizitive

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I answer, and reveal of myself, through my questions. About 700 or so by now.

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