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Great Passover recipes?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) April 6th, 2008

Main dishes and any other specialties you might want to share?

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ill get back to you on this because i havent started yet and my recipes are in a box, but my mom makes great chicken marbeya(spelling????), which is chicken marinated in olives, apricots and prunes, and a few capers. i think it has some corn syrup too, so its sweet. a dessert that i couldnt duplicate but was amazing was matzah baclavah. its matzah, honey, syrup, nuts, pretzels(if you want).

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All I can say is: invite me please!!! As a kid I was always jealous of my Jewish friends because their family cooking is so amazing! Some people try to convert others to their religion by going off into the untamed jungles of the world, while some brilliant Jewish person said, let’s just cook some banging food and people will be charging down the doors. I’m not a convert yet… but I have thought about it!

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