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What can you see in the room you're now in that makes you smile?

Asked by ucme (50031points) December 8th, 2010

Yeah, happy question positively smothered in fluff =) Looking around whichever room you happen to be in, anything at all that brings a satisfactory grin playing across your lips & lights up your face with a radiant glow? I know this is very nosey of me but, I don’t care see!

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Stubby the cow. A fat little stuffed animal that sits on top of my computer. I originally gave him to my now-deceased sister when she was sick, and she loved him.

Seeing him now makes me think of her and smile.

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Quite a few things actually. I have a wonderful drawing done just for me by a dear friend! ;)

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A photograph of my dog,Mel. :)

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Yes, sitting in my office behind my house and Sadie is smiling at me! Today, that was needed. Not a good day! Rarely, do I make that kind of comment. But, we have our moments.

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

My dogs, my husband, Giftmas decorations.

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My dog in front of the fireplace, snoring softly and her little paws are twitching. I imagine she is dreaming, maybe about chasing squirrels. It always makes me smile.

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My dogs – they are in the office with me… snoring very loudly!!
@BoBo1946 Sorry you aren’t having a good one, hang on in there – tomorrow is another day :)

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A pink index card that has “You are beauty moving” written on it. A friend gave it to me to cheer me up one day when I was feeling glum. It’s a kind reminder.

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A bunch of people who think humanity is beautiful and that our shit doesn’t smell, a cynical smile counts, right?

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@Winters I think you should mosey on over to the group cuddle thread. I think you need a cuddle. :-)

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There’s a group cuddle thread? I want in.

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@Theonlyneffie Check the Meta section.

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Thanks peeps! My daughter just walked in….ucme on best behaviour! Now she makes me smile from ear to ear. A big cheesy grin for sure! @BoBo1946 Hey you’re entitled to the odd moment fella. Just don’t make it too long eh? Big smile…biggggg smile!! :¬)

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My rainbow color painted toes.

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I have a digital photo frame that rotates through pretty much my entire collection of family pictures.

It often makes me smile.

Blackberry's avatar

I’m at work, so nothing lol. I guess the clock on the wall because it’s almost time to leave.

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A picture of my daughter, aged two and a half on the beach carrying around a weird yellow thing she found.

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A beautiful piece of stained glass my dad made me for my 18th birthday.
My cactus plant.
A rainbow kite that my boyfriend has had since he was a baby that is now taking up 3 walls of our bedroom.
Barry my cat. :)

This is a cute wonderful question.

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Two strollers, a shopping cart and a storage tub all tied together in a single line using a puppy scarf, a queen’s cape and a Sesame Street backpack. My daughter’s mass transit solution for her baby dolls.

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@deni It is isn’t it? Thanks for that :¬)

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My Cher doll :)

Trillian's avatar

My Stewie desk figure. He has a sensor so he talks if I walk by him. He says things like; “Mark my words, when you least expect it, your uppance will come!”

zenvelo's avatar

pictures of my kids- my son at age 5 with his sister at age 3.

YoBob's avatar

@Trillian I love Stewie! One of my favorite quotes from Stewie is him describing his birthday as: “The anniversary of the day I clawed myself from your retched womb.”

nebule's avatar

My Christmas tree and fairy lights bringing colour into my world

stardust's avatar

A roaring open fire!

free_fallin's avatar

A picture of my family and a special pillow.

mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe's avatar

A picture of Cooper (he was my mom’s dog, and I never met him because he died. But I know so many stories and things about him, he was awesome. I love him. World’s best dog)

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I saw your question. It made me smile :-)

Kardamom's avatar

Pine trees covered with pine cones out the back window, a page full of glittered Xmas gift tags, my grandma’s silver candlesticks with her initials engraved onto them, a nativity scene with a rubber dog and cat added into the mix, a separate computer window opened to a pumpkin bread recipe and photo of my 5 year old nephew dressed up like a chef.

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@flutherother A virtual high five for that :¬)

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My plants all happy in front of the windows and others under the plant lamp, It feels tropical (which is great when it is 12 degrees outside). My two dogs each with their own bones happily chomping away.

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My dog, patiently waiting for me to turn off the computer and say “bedtime!”

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My cat who is curled up next to me sleeping. He’s older, so we probably won’t have him around for much longer, and because I love him I spend as much time as possible with him.

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I am in a computer lab on campus waiting for my ride. The only thing that is making my smile is Fluther on the screen.

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An old Halloween decoration on my kitchen door wicked clown wicked clown wicked clown

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My pillows!

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scratch previous answer, boobs, later.

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Kitteh! In this case, the black one who was sooooo aloof when I first met him. Now, he’s as much my buddy as my husband’s.

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Dog sleeping on uncle sleeping on cousin all on one little couch.

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My grandson is here (again) and playing with the dog. They are running and laughing through the room and the hall.

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My glass of wine and 50 fluther questions for you. :/

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kitties and charlie sheen

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Hubby and a cute little ball of fur called Jade (sitting on Daddy’s knee), and our budgie who is having a little sing and a dance in front of his mirror :-) This is such a lovely question
huggles xx

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@bunnygrl Aww, thanks for that. I do have my moments, blink & you’ll miss them :¬)

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@ucme Naaa, you have more than you like to admit <hugs> thank you for brightening a pretty icky day for me, xx

ucme's avatar

@bunnygrl Aww, tis a pleasure m’dear :¬)

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@bunnygrl I’m so glad you are bundled up safely and warmly with a budgie, a new doggie and a faithful hubby. Doesn’t get much better than that (except to have a small photo of Alan Rickmans just in your sight line, ha ha).

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The first draft of my essay on neurons…I got a first draft done! Yay!!! :-)

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