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What can I build a sculpture out of?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4843points) December 8th, 2010

For science class we have to build a sculpture of an element. I chose copper and decided to make a statue of liberty. I’m planning on having it about 1— 1½ feet tall. I can’t use clay or styrofoam to make it and using coat hangers wrapped in yarn seems to complicated. It can’t be made from food like butter. Lastly the materials can’t cost much. It seems like every material I think of there is some reason why I can’t use.

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Could you cut aluminum cans and use that?

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Pretty creative suggestion but I don’t think that would work. How would I make it even slightly resemble the statue of liberty?

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@daytonamisticrip -Try cutting strips for vertical placement for the gown for starters.Does it have to be 3D? Maybe a relief would be easier? Then your could draw it out and cut the shapes to fit your template.Kind of like a stained glass pattern.

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Pipe cleaners
Popsicle sticks
Wire coat hangers (why wrap them with anything?)
Paper towel cores
Used paper cups

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Newspapers made into papier mache

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Yes, it has to be 3d.
@CyanoticWasp I love all those idea but I forgot to mention it’s due this friday so I don’t have time to eat that many popsicles or use that many paper towels.

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Toothpicks and glue. Modularize the construction by making different elements, letting them set up, and then attaching them all into the whole. That way you don’t have to build stick by stick from the ground up.

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Hmmmmm….make it a “modern” interpretation.When they ask what it is,look at them with disdain and scorn as you tell them.Instant “A” ;)

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What about using foil paper? It would be easy to mold into a statue shape. Can you use glue? Because after getting the basic shape you can add detail in the dress, arms, torch etc.. using more foil

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That’s the beauty of “Sculpture”. . .
It can be made out of “Anything”

Be unique. . . Be different. . . Be yourself. . . Create

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What about pennies?

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Anything you want. It doesn’t have to be one single thing, but can be a conglomeration of many things. I recently took apart several computer parts (a keyboard, an old computer tower, a useless modem) and made a wall hanging out of them. I could have made a frame and constructed a sculpture.

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Newspaper and lots of paper masking tape. It’s a fast way to papier mache. Wad up newspaper and tape together to shape, then cover the whole thing in small pieces of masking tape, then paint.

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I love Statue of Liberty but I am not sure if I would choose it for my sculpture. First of all it won’t look that great made out of junk. Besides, the idea is not that original. It is up to you though. I would go with something abstract. I would take some natural material, such as wood (after the wind there are so many tree limbs in our yard!) It is pretty easy to work with, and it is free!!! It could be combined with anything! Wire it, tape it, glue it, add some sparkle or wrap it with bright magazine pictures. Possibilities are endless! Good luck!

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Thank you all.
I thought of the strangest thing to make it out of, cigarette filters. To bad I don’t have enough time to collect enough from my mom. So I’ll probably go with papier mache.

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