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Can I put remote start in a 2011 Jetta?

Asked by SexyTeacher2011 (85points) December 8th, 2010

I just bought a brand new Jetta – my first new car in 7 years! I was so excited to get a brand new car and want to put in remote start so that I can have a warm car going to school at 6:30 am! But, the salesperson told me yesterday that they don’t recommend putting remote start in the VW’s because it has complicated wiring!

What should I do? Any VW owners out there have any experience with this?

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My 2009 Jetta warms up really, really, freakishly fast. Like, buttwarmers within 2 minutes, the rest within 5.

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An experienced installer should have no problem.
However, you will most likely void your warranty if you have one installed.

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As @TheOnlyNeffie said, a good shop shouldn’t have a problem putting it in.

Just to clarify on the warranty a bit, it could only void coverage for anything that could be caused by the remote start (or the alarm it’s probably going to come with). So probably your starter, ignition, wiring harness, etc. but not anything unrelated (which is most of the car). And really it’s up the dealer if it would even void those limited things. Some dealerships or repair departments are full of auto enthusiasts that take a softer stand on modifications unless it’s very obvious they were related to the problem.

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Having an authorized VW shop do the installation will probably protect you from loss of warranty. Just make sure it is in writing when you get it done, so if you are out of town and something breaks the other shops won’t void the warranty.

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You can – it’s just not something I would try yourself unlesss you are really good with cars. The wiring with all german cars (not just VW) is complex.

As a personal note I have a remote start in my dodge and I love it. I didn’t drive for the longest time and when I saw the remote starts I always though it was a waste of money… but when I started driving and I realized how long it takes to warm up the car… life saver to just be able to look out my window and fire it up without stepping out into the cold.

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Ok, I pick my new car up today at 5 so I will talk with them about it…and get names of authorized VW shops. I’m so glad that you all think it’s possible – I won’t give up hope then :)

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Any certified installer can install a car starter in anything with an automatic transmission. The usually don’t put them in manual cars because of the clutch safety switch, and or if you accidentally leave it in gear and try to start it = BAD

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