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What is your contribution to the rules of social networking?

Asked by wundayatta (58709points) December 10th, 2010

To friend your boss or not? To change your relationship status or not, and when? To unfriend? How to feel when unfriended? What is bullying? Stalking? How do we handle these things?

Do you have any additional issues of concern? Do you have any rules to deal with these concerns?

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I would not friend a boss, co-worker, my sons girlfriends or the UPS driver no matter how cool they are. ;)

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I am friends with my boss. My relationship status is not visible at all. I have “unfriended” one person and blocked a couple of others so they can’t find me.

I’ve never felt bullied or stalked on Facebook would I know if I was being stalked? but if I did I wuld either unfriend and ignore or report if I felt really harrassed by it. So far, I haven’t had any negative experiences on Facebook but I am very careful not to put anything on there that I don’t want people (or certain people) to know.

I think I am a fairly laid back Facebook user.

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I’m not sure, I tend to see Facebook as an extension of my real life. I let people know what I’m doing and invariably it’s probably not very interesting but it’s there anyway. I’m an open book but I make sure I don’t write anything incriminating or that people can and will overtly judge me on. I try not to moan too much but it’s part of life so I am guilty of doing so.

I am friends with people I care about and those that don’t contact me or if insult me in any way get deleted. I have no qualms about this. If people unfriend me it’s their choice, although I haven’t noticed this happening… I generally keep my son’s life very private away from facebook apart from occasional photo’s so I’m careful who add…very careful.

Oh and I have been stalked on FB once a while ago and yep, they got deleted too.

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To friend your boss or not? ** Only if I have a personal relationship outside of work with my boss that we keep separate from work. I don’t post anything that would get me in trouble with work anyway.

To change your relationship status or not, and when? ** I changed it to in a relationship once my husband and I were officially committed to each other (meaning we had talked about being monogamous and not seeing anyone else). I changed it to married once we got married. I would not change it to anything else out of spite or anger (meaning if we got in a fight, I would change it to “it’s complicated” or “single” just because of the fight).

To unfriend? ** I only unfriend people I don’t keep in touch with. In the past I have added old friends from high school in hopes of reconnecting with them. When that didn’t work out, I unfriended them because I don’t like having a bunch of people on my FB that I really don’t interact with at all.

How to feel when unfriended? ** I probably wouldn’t even notice. I’ve only noticed it once, and that was my dad. And we won’t go there.

What is bullying? ** I’d say bullying is going beyond just being mean. It’s taking it further than just a mean comment when someone’s mad and goes into when the person truly wants to make the other person’s life miserable.

Stalking? ** Following a person (in real life or online) to see everything they are doing.

How do we handle these things? ** I think bullying needs to be dealt with directly, quickly, and bluntly. First off, I would block whoever was doing the bullying and discuss what is going on with any mutual friends. beyond that, I would personally ignore it unless it was causing problems. Each problem would be dealt with according to what it was. As for stalking, blocking people we don’t want to see us and keeping our profiles as private as we can is about the best we can do. If there’s something you (general you) don’t want people to know or share with others, don’t post it, plain and simple.

Do you have any additional issues of concern? ** Nope.
Do you have any rules to deal with these concerns? ** My main rule about the internet in general is not to post things that I don’t want people to know under my real name. If I wouldn’t want my mom, my boss, or anyone else to see it, I don’t post it. It’s pretty easy to avoid trouble that way.

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I mostly don’t do social networking, though I do have a few accounts here and there in order to communicate with folks who insist on it.
As far as “friending” your boss or other folks I would not do it on something like Facebook. For a professional relationship there are sites like LinkedIn, or a social network like or Diaspora which allow a user to have separate groups of ‘friends’ which don’t see each other.

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Friend your boss or not? I do, but only when I’m really cool with them.

Change relationship status? I do, and I’ve been guilty of changing it to “it’s complicated” after fights once or twice, but only huge fights when I was seriously contemplating leaving.

Unfriend? I do it if I am no longer friends with the person, or if they post retarded crap all day that gets aggravating (one of the guys I went to highschool with posted crap about getting high all day and night, and it was written in ‘ghetto speak’, so I eventually took them off because it flooded my newsfeed)

How to feel if unfriended? I wouldn’t even notice.

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