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How can a person improve at the job of construction?

Asked by Eggie (5737points) December 10th, 2010

I am somewhat clumsy at holding tools and paying attention. Does anyone experience this problem and can you give ideas on how that problem can be resolved?

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Just build things. The more you do it the better you get. The internet is full of every how-to imaginable. Also go to the clinics at Home Depot. They are constantly demonstrating tools and techniques.

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Practice helps the handling of tools. ask around to friends and family if they have small projects you could do or help do.As far as paying attention. Willpower. Unless you have an underlying add prob. Then meds.

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Both concentration and motor skills are something that can be improved.

I have trouble concentrating if I do not have enough sleep, if I am stressed or depressed, or if I am not eating well. I’d advise you to make sure you’re getting enough sleep and eating well, eating a diverse, well-balanced diet. A lot of people do not eat enough Omega 3 (in fatty fish, walnuts, canola oil, and a few other foods), and that can improve mental function in a number of ways, and also have other benefits for health. Try to eat more whole, natural foods, and avoid processed foods and junk food.

Taking regular breaks, when possible, can also improve your concentration. It’s simply impossible for people to focus more than 2 hours or so at a time, and often you can’t even focus that long. But if you take a 10–15 minute break to really relax (not trying to focus when you’re having trouble) and then come back to it, you may find your focus improves. Find ways to be at your best during the times when you need to pay attention to someone’s directions.

As to holding and using tools, practice makes perfect. Motor skills are something you can get better at no matter what your age, and even if you are inherently clumsy or shaky. You may find exercises like qi gong or tai chi, or even some forms of dance, to help you to learn how to use your body more effectively too. This can also help with lifting / carrying things, and can prevent you from being injured.

Also, for concentration, you might want to try mild amounts of caffeine. Small amounts of caffeine, spaced throughout the day, can boost concentration, but large amounts at once can cause anxiety and jitters. For this reason I drink tea instead of coffee.

Good luck; I hope some of this advice helps!

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Volunteer with your local Habitat for Humanity chapter if there is one near you. They always need volunteers and the best part is that no experience is needed! I volunteer with them all the time and I kid you not, I can single handedly shingle a roof now. Did I know how to use a nail gun before? No. Had I ever been on a roof before. Nope. But I can now use power tools on a roof without falling off and I have to say, I think my life is all the better for it.

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Practice makes perfect. Also, working with someone who knows what they’re doing helps.
Some people just never get it though. My hubby is a contractor and one guy who works for him is the nicest guy in the world but he will never be able to work unsupervised. He just can’t remember from one day to the next how to do tasks that someone with a construction aptitude does naturally.

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@Judi that is just what I am trying to aviod…..

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