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What do the wait lists for Disneyland jobs actually mean?

Asked by Aubs427 (421points) December 10th, 2010

I got through to the first in person interview and the interview seemed to go very well. I had originally applied for retail/ticket seller, but wanted to do attractions. During the interview, the recruiter showed me two papers of job descriptions for retail sales and attractions then went onto asking me questions about attractions (such as, can i swim.. am i claustrophobic). She told me that she wanted to put me on for attractions and that she was putting me on a waitlist for January/February and told me to call the number that they send out in the email for people on this waitlist. She told me I did very well and to make sure I call as soon as I get that email because that’s what will continue to process into getting hired.

Was she letting me down easy? Or am I really on a wait list? I don’t want to be too excited.. so I’m just curious if the interview really did go well or if she was just saying it.

And, what can I expect from here on out?

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If she was letting you down easy, she probably would have gone the “Ok, well, we’ll let you know”. Most easy let-downs involve some sort of “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” The fact that you got another contact number sounds promising, despite the wait list.

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I haven’t gotten the number yet. She said I will receive a number in Jan/Feb to call.

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When I got my job I had 5 interviews over a 5 month period.. it took forever and sometimes I went over a month without hearing anything.

Disney does’t call there employees Crew Members they are called cast members. My guess is that they are checking you out to make sure you are just right. You are dealing with children (and big kids to).. its the happiest place on earth….

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You are in line to be hired. Follow their instructions to the letter.

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Wait lists are not always a good thing. Saying that because wait lists could also mean that you might not get the job.

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@suassive You are right normally, but Disney is a special case. There is a lot of turnover there.

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It sounds like you’re in line to move up the list.

Don’t sit and wait; keep looking for work. A bird in hand, don’t count your chickens, etc. etc.

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