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Is it possible to get a job after a DWI conviction?

Asked by zolmie (85points) March 11th, 2008 from iPhone

If you get a DWI, how heavily is that weighed against you when your applying for a job/career?

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If the job doesn’t involve driving or a background check you should be fine. I have only one job where they did a background check. And that was mostly to check my credit. I had the combo to the safe and could have walked out with hundreds of thousands of dollars if I wanted to.

But if the job doesn’t involve driving you should be OK. Lots of people have gotten DUI’s and get employed.

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I agree with john, it will all depend upon the job you are applying for, the person specification the company are looking for and probably the individual employer.

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I know some employers do look at things like that. Its possible you might not get a job but for the most part, you should be ok.

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It is possible, depends on your state’s particular laws, the nature of the offense in general, 1st time vs repeat offense. Here is a video that speaks directly to your question:

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