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How to say thanks to someone on Facebook who accepted your friend request?

Asked by DumDumLover95 (1points) December 10th, 2010

I want to show appreciation to the person whom I want to become friends with.

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Thanks? You don’t need to make it all that complicated I don’t think, unless it’s the President or the Pope or Michael Jordan, or someone like that who has accepted your friendship request. Sometimes a simple “Thank you” is all that is needed in that sort of situation, if you feel the need to thank someone at all.

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Send a message saying… “Thanks for accepting my friend request”

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As per @Odysseus – but if you decide to do so, do it in private. It’s just spam on someone’s wall. At least I don’t like messages like that on my wall.

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Send ‘em a note—message on FB.

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A simple “Thanks for friending me” by private message.

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I tend to go with a “thanks for the add” comment on their wall.

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