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What do you find too many people are blind about, no matter how intelligent and educated they are?

Asked by flo (13313points) December 11th, 2010

What stands out the most in your mind?

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Love and…..hmmmmmm….love ;)

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common courtesy
what is right in front of them.

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Time as infinity. Because people are finite.

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social inequality, especially involving wealth and poverty and class

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How to be kind to others. Or maybe they know how, but they don’t want to be. I hope it’s just ignorance.

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Treating others the same way each time and expecting different results from these people. It’s the definition of insanity. If we were to treat others as they want to be treated, the world might not find so much resistence.

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Death. Life is really too short…shorter than most realize until it is too late.

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The utter ridiculous of religion and the shocking moral bankruptcy of religious texts.

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Looking at a person’s best qualities and thinking they’ll outweigh the negative ones.

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Their own standards.

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People who are afraid of making a little more money because it puts them in a higher tax bracket. They don’t realize that the higher tax rate only applies to the part of the earnings above the previous tax bracket limit.

Many educated people have a blindspot regarding probability. Some people think that if an unweighted coin turns up heads ten times in a row then it is more likely to come up tails the next time. Similarly, in watching a baseball game, they will say that a certain player is due for a hit because the player has been in a slump. I have been told more than once that a guaranteed winning betting strategy is to double your bet each time when the payback is 2 to 1. The Monty Hall problem is a great example of a relatively easy probability problem that most people get wrong.

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The fact that this culture simply can’t go on living this way forever, as a matter of sheer thermo-dynamics, and necessarily undermines traditional communities and the living ecosystems they depend on.

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Love. Look at the whole gay marriage debacle.

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An overly materialistic view of life.

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Other people’s points of view

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Money management. I know Mensa mensa members with horrible credit rating. Sympathy and empathy for people around them, or knowing the right thing to say and saying completely the wrong thing at important times.

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The need to paint the picture instead of using precise language when talking to people outside their field of expertise.

Typically these accomplished experts put more than 5 bullet points on Powerpoint slides.

They are blind about the process of communication. What matters most is how the recipient understands the message.

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What do you find too many people are blind about, no matter how intelligent and educated they are? Subjects they’re not experts on? I’ve already seen someone who had a Bachelor’s degree (or at least they claimed) in something business related argue with a physicist on one website about the potential for tapping free energy in the future. At least have an electrical background to some degree like in being a technician, engineer or something similar.

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GAs eveyrone! I hope it keeps going.

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@Paradox (what’s formal education got to do with intelligence?) I’ll add that to my list. Some people can be too concerned with formal education qualifications.

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I was asking about basic things that don’t require much education, really.

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Communication, relating to one another. Economics.

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