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The weather outside is frightful....what do you do?

Asked by Cruiser (40434points) December 12th, 2010

Today it is 9 degrees out, snowing and 30–40 mph winds. I went for a hike in the woods and loved it!! Whole forest to myself. What do you do when the weather keeps most sane people hunkered down at home??

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Stay hunkered down at home. ;) On Fluther.

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I’m definitely a hunkerer as well. That’s why God made books, Katharine Hepburn movies and cookies. For hunkering.
Edit to add: And of course, as per your topic tag, Irish Coffee.

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I’m so jealous, I could go for some frightful weather! Maybe a little playing outside, then inside by the fire with some hot coco. I’m missing the east coast right about now!

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Snuggle and watch the snow fall.

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Carry on regardless. Let it snow… let it snow… let it snow.

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Stay in bed…

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Light a fire.

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Hunker down at home with all the other sane people.

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If it’s just cold or dreary, then I like to ride my bike places that are normally too crowded. If it’s pouring rain, I like to read a book and listen to the rain.

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One of my most favorite things when I was a teen, was to go skiing out my back door and into the trails through the woods, with my dog tagging along behind me. Often there would be no one to be seen anywhere, especially if I went on one of the trails that the snowmobilers hadn’t been down. The only noises you hear of the sounds of your skis rubbing on the snow, your own breathing, and the panting of your dog.

Once I brought an orange with me, and we stopped to eat it, dropping the orange peel onto the snow where it displayed it’s jaunty color for a few moments before the falling snow covered it over. I wrote a poem about that image because the taste of that orange was probably the most orangey orange I have ever tasted it. I can taste it in my mind as I write these words.

In the distance, sometimes, you can hear the sound of a truck, but otherwise, there is nothing, and the only movement is your passage, creating tiny avalanches as you brush past each snow-crusted branch, hanging low over the trail.

If you’re dressed right, the cold doesn’t matter. In fact, if you’re skiing, you have the opposite problem—you get too hot. But that feels good, too, because you know you can generate your own heat when you need it. A man, a dog, some snow—just delightful!

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Look out the window at the trees blowing in the wind; watch the drifting snow; wonder why people are out in this mess; hoping my husband hurry up and fix this damn computer so I can Fluther more.:D

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Today, I slept.

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I love to walk through the woods on snow-covered trails. Usually, I like to wait until after the snow has stopped falling.

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Nothing nicer than walking in falling snow! It’s sooooo quiet and cozy feeling. It’s kind of like a dream world.

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Go for a drive if the roads are deserted or stay in, open the blinds, crack the windows and enjoy a good snuggle with warm comfort food/drink.

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Work out.

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Sleep or wrap myself in a blanky and watch movies, play games or read. I don’t mind being out in frightful weather though, I always feel all pumped up and rejuvenated after, plus believing it or not, it’s great for hangovers and headaches.

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Go to a Christmas tree farm and cut down a tree. yes we did….. and it was fun!

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Make a tent with sheets in your living room/ bedroom. Drape over chairs, furniture, amour, couch, etc. Then proceed to watch a festive movie and snuggle up with a hot cup of tea and cookies underneath your make-shift tent. Smoothes the soul.

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Hunker and look out windows. lol

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Take the next flight to Tahiti.

I get the window seat. No! I get the window seat!

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I love frigid weather. It keeps the aholes in. I do most of my stuff on the coldest days. I love hiking/walking out on a super cold night.

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I like to stay home and be toasty warm. This year will be even better because I now have a real fireplace!! I’ll usually make a pot of soup, it justs seems the right thing to do. Tea and hot chocolate, from scratch – using real unsweetened cocoa, milk, etc., – are next. I get into real “domestic” mode. Trying simple new recipies etc. Just making it extra comfy inside while watching mother nature do her thing outside.

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Clean/organize the kitchen
Make a grocery list
Organize closets
Oil furniture
Gather up refrigerator mongrel food and make something from it.
Self groom

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Nap, read, overeat.

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Today is cold, windy and gloomy, I had plans for a get together but the host came down sick a few days ago so I am going out to get some side dishes to go with some leftovers and then, I am going to lounge around and blissfully watch movies all afternoon and be cozy. I like gloomy days because I can rationalize why I don’t have to be productive. lol

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@Coloma wow…you dug up an ancient question and cold windy and gloomy is par for the course in the midwest…I have an oven full of various cuts of beast that I will narf on later in the quiet confines of my rec room watching the Super Bowl with my trusted hound dog. Enjoy the day!

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@Cruiser Haha…you too. Yes browsing the archives here and spied this Q.
I am so happy to have a extreme down day…bring it on. :-)

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