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Does proactive really work?

Asked by love408 (147points) April 7th, 2008


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yes, but also try AcneFree – it’s $20 for a kit (instead for $60) and works even better for some people. You can get it at Target or a similar store.

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if you are a person who waxes you’re eyebrows religiously, do not use proactive because your will rip off when you get waxed, other then that it is a good product and my cousins use it, their skin has cleared up a lot.

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It does work. You can’t ever expect a cure from anything, but it’s just a really good regimen and will make your skin a lot clearer, and healthier. I used to use it just to prevent breakouts and had much clearer, healthier looking skin because of it.

I’m not so sure about the comment from ppcakes. I’ve never had a problem with waxing. It may make your skin more sensitive though.

One other thing to consider is going to a dermatologist for a treatment plan, if your insurance will cover it. Acne treatment can be tricky, but they’ve come a long way. Retin-A and other retinoid products seem to be the current gold standard. Other treatments like lasers and peels for chronic acne are also available.

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proactive never worked for me. I had to go with acutane… that was a fun 6 months*thinks back to horribly dried lips*

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Proactiv Solution is the perfect solution in case of bad and severe acne. The consumers of the system can vouch for this system’s effectiveness and give it nothing less than five star grading. Proactiv Solution is an acne treatment system that cures acne in 3 steps. It works as a combination therapy to cure acne. It is an excellent method of treatment that has proved its effectiveness.

Proactiv Solution

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It works for a large majority of people but you need to make sure you use it prior to the expiration date on the bottle. After the expiration date, it loses alot of it’s potency.

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