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What are the most embarrassing,gross or irritating things you can't stand that your parents do?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) December 13th, 2010

That they do, still do, or even used to do (if you’re already a grown adult now).

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Dad had the habit of occasionally hawking and spitting. Discusting. And now I wonder if it has anything to do with the non-smokers’ lung cancer that he died of. Is it something that could creep up over time?

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My Dad picks his teeth with a fork after a meal and sucks his teeth (after dinner).

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@Pied_Pfeffer My mother does the same thing, every freaking morning very early when she gets ready to go to work,I hate that to the core then get mad when someone tells her to stop and just use a tissue.She’s not a smoker though.

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@Jude Mine too, my mother doesn’t care who’s around and does it loudly like every second,especially when shes done eating and does it through the entire car ride or does it when she’s brushing her teeth.She says I get annoyed by the most petty things but there’s others complaining about her habit as well.It is very annoying

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my late father used to use the end of a pen to dig the wax out of his nose.

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My mother drinks. A lot.

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—Can’t wait to see what Katawagrey has to say here! :-P

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Well, my father is filth personified. Not only is he is a raging alcoholic, he’s incredibly disrespectful (This is a person who once advised me to show a maintainence man my breasts, and no, he wasn’t kidding. Ugh!), he would rather eat over a serving bowl than get a plate, he’s self-centered, childish, and tries daily to piss me off just to get a reaction out of me. He violates the sanctity of space, and he thinks flatuation is humorous.

Don’t even get me started on my mother.

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My Dad (stepdad) thinks it’s fun to pick on me and pick on me and pick on me. Most of the time it’s somewhat humorous and I just laugh, but some days he takes it to far and it pisses me off.

My mother is too damn nosy. It’s gotten better since we had a loooong talk, but before “the talk”, she pried into my business so much that I wanted to scream.

My hubby’s grandmother hocks up mucus and it’s annoyingly loud. She then spits it out into a tissue and sets the tissue down on her ottoman instead of throwing it away. She also likes to “taste test” whatever she’s cooking, but she doesn’t wash the spoon after licking it, she just sticks it right back into the casserole or whatever she’s made. It’s really nasty and combined with her hocking, I find it very hard to eat there most of the time.

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My mother would make rude comments about people in public, like on the bus. When we’d ask her to stop because it was embarrassing or hurtful or rude, she would say, “I don’t care. It’s the truth, and they need to know that they look like a slut/are ugly/needs to buy better clothes.” It got so bad that when I was in my early 20’s my friends who rode the same bus but got on at a later stop would choose to be late for work, rather than get on the bus and have to sit next to my mother.

The people my mom worked with thought she was a lovely, kind person. Snow job. She said awful things about them at home.

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My mom would sing songs in the voice of Willie Nelson.It was disturbing. ;)

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My dad makes racist comments often…he listens to glen beck and acts like he has deep political knowledge…he also eats his own earwax…smh

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@deliasdancemom Oh no! Some things should never be told! That was one of them.

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My parents have been gone over 25 years now, but they were both chain smokers and I hated seeing them with cigarettes.

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My dad used to blow his nose and then stick the tissue back in his pocket, ew.

He also used to undo his belt in public to set his shirt back in and then tie the belt again. I’m like dad, the fuck you doin you perv lol.

When my mom smokes, she blows the cigarette smoke out her nose. Oh bleeding Christ that’s just nasty.

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My mother, when she does not like someone’s hair, will greet it with, “That is rather interesting hair, isn’t it?”

I love my mom. I really do. She hasn’t changed her hair in years. Decades might be more appropriate. I just find it rather like the ironic from her. Yes, she knows how I feel.

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I couldn’t possibly find any fault with my parents in that area. That would be behaving like a hypocrite.

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Mine up and died, miserable sods!!!

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Fart in the house. And pee without closing the bathroom’s door,in their own home,of course.

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@Your_Majesty I totally agree with you on that one Majesty.

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@ladyv900 I am glad Oops…,that I am not the only person with these experience. My parents are careless no matter how hard I tell them how gross they are.

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Hey I kept it pretty tame he does tons more rude gross stuff than that, I could write a book….my dad makes all ur parents look like martha freakin stewart hahaha, I wont let him touch anything I own and if he hugs my daughter, I sanitize her right away

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They loved to pick their noses in unison and feed each other their boogers.

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Momma would chew the heads off rattlesnakes, Daddy would drink strychnine! Bless their little hearts XD

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Bless her hear…My Mom farts ALL the time… At home, in the grocery store, in a restaurant… and she’ll push them out and then say “oh Jesus”
not “excuse me”...
“oh Jesus”
Does Jesus have something to do with Mom’s excessive flatulence that I should know about?

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For some reason, it really bothers me when the folks are up in the wee hours of the morning – like I am. Still haven’t quite figured that one out.

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