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Did you grow up with both your parents around?

Asked by Hibernate (9091points) November 4th, 2011

I’m more interested in yes/no replies. Feel free to discuss if you guys want but it’s more about saying yes or no at this question.

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No – my father died when I was 3. BUT, my mother remarried when I was 4, and both my mum and my new dad were around when I grew up.

So, maybe that’s a Yes?

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Unfortunately, yes. They were there physically (mostly to abuse me), but not emotionally. I pretty much raised myself.

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Yes, but my dad was in the navy and traveled a lot.

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I’m a yes.

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My dad used to get drunk and beat the shit out of my mom and my sister. When I was ten my mom snapped and shot him in the forehead. He had said he would kill her and the us kids before he would let her leave. Fucker got what he deserved.

Mom did time served for killing the asshole. About six months.

Then mom got involved in fucked up drug shit when I was 15 and I left to live with my sister. She ended up doing ten years for a probation violation for more drug shit.

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Yes. They fought constantly. My sister and I used to wish they would get divorced. They are still together, still fight, but fight less. My mom doesn’t like him much, but they still do fun things together: travel, laugh, watch some TV shows they both like.

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@johnpowell Holy crap. Sorry to hear you had such a difficult upbringing.

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Yes. My parents got divorced when I was about three years old, but both were around and spent plenty of time raising me.

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Before my parents were divorced my dad was in the military so he was often away for weeks/months on end. He lived with us until I was 11 years old when my parents divorced. My brother and I lived with my mum after this but saw dad regularly. I get on well with both my parents now. My mum and I had some issues when I was growing up but we are fine now. I am very close to my dad.

I couldn’t just give a yes/no answer for this because whilst I didn’t live with both of my parents they were both around.

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Yes, Every.Single.Second.

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Yes, and it was great. I would have hated to come from a broken home. I feel bad that I couldn’t give the same to my kids.

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Yes. Wow, after reading some other replies here, I now realize how I took my parents for granted. I guess I should be extremely grateful for having great parents. I hope I can be as helpful and nurturing to my kids (if I ever have any)...

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Yes, till my father passed away when I was one month shy of turning 19.

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@Skaggfacemutt I hate the “broken home” saying. We may have ended up with two homes but neither was broken. It would have been broken if my parents had stayed together though. The best thing my parents did for my brother and I was admit that they could no longer make it work whilst living in the same house. I hope your kids feel the same way.

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@Leanne1986 I hope they do, too. Your response makes me feel better about it. Still, I wish I had chosen a mate more wisely.

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Yes, happily.

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Yes, and several of our friends with divorced parents were always with us.

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