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What are some unexplored frontiers?

Asked by helkie (250points) December 13th, 2010

I need to write a paper for social studies class and I only have: Space, Oceans, Arctic, Ancient Ruins.

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Time, Hyperspace, Hyperverse, Collective Consciousness

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The amazing subterranian life of gopher tunnels. lol

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Genetic engineering is in it’s infancy and IMO holds one of the most potentially impactful frontiers to explore.

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The oceans are almost totally unexplored.

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inner Earth. We have only explored a few miles below.

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The large hadron collider in has recently given us very convincing evidence that more than our 4 known demensions exist….anything beyond these 4 dimensions would remain, of course, an unexplored frontier….google” large hadron collider new dimensions”

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Peace, because we’ve explored War to death.

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Gophers live peacefully. haha

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The Pacific and Atlantic Ocean garbage patches

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